Vera Wang Look

sniffer, review, perfume, fragrance, Vera Wang Look
Vera Wang Look, sniffer, review, perfume, fragrance, Vera Wang Look
This new offering from Vera Wang is sure to send all prospective brides running to their nearest department store, looking for a bit of Vera for their special day, even if they can't afford that $20,000 dress.

I could tell you all sorts of things about how Vera says that this fragrance is not only about your own look, but is also about the look between two people, etc. There was a whole video and quite frankly I was a bit lost after listening to her discuss the namesake.

What's more important is how the fragrance actually smells. While looking at the list of notes (see below) might make you think that this is a white floral fragrance, you'd be wrong. You might also note the Oakmoss note and assume that this is a heavy, rich Chypre fragrance. Again, it isn't. Instead I think that this is a fresh, green citrusy scent. Yup, it really is!

On me the Water Greens and Lychee really predominate overall, and they will fade somewhat but continue to set the overall fresh tone of this scent. The Freesia comes in a bit more after about an hour or so, adding just a touch of floral. However it is the Skin Musk and I think a hint of Vanilla which come together with the fresh top notes to create a light and slightly powdery scent that lasts all day.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Watery Greens, Lychee, Golden Delicious Apple
Middle Notes: Lily, Freesia, Jasmine
Base Notes:Vanilla, Skin Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli

Recently Kiki asked me for a light scent appropriate for working in a hospital. While I personally wear whatever I want to work in my hospital, I think a light fresh scent like this would be perfect! I love this scent and I'll continue to wear it quite a bit in the future.

Vera Wang Look


  1. I love vera wang scents!! I'm definately going to check this one out!

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  3. Thanks for the detailed notes on this fragrance. I had heard about it and was wondering if it would be really floral. Glad to hear it's lighter and more balanced than I had anticipated.

  4. I love soft scents that stick close to your skin. One of my favorites right now is Marc Jacobs' Violet. I think that it would be suitable also for working in a hospital. Whenever I wear I get compliments that I smell good. Not the perfume that I am wearing smells good. I had the original Vera Wang at one point in time and I also loved it. I will make a point to seek this new one out. Thanks for posting about it!


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