Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stila from Costco, Yes, Really

Stila, Contouring Set, lip glaze, costco, deal, review
You never know what you'll find at Costco. I love the exploring and discovering, which is probably why I never make it out of that store without having spent $180. (That seems to be my lower limit. I have friends that can do $50, but I also know people who are well over $200. Good thing I only go every 6-8 weeks.)

Lately it seems as thought they are adding more and more items to their health and beauty area. My typical purchases in this area are the big vats of Cetaphil Cream (love it!) and body wash (usually by Dove). I sometimes buy razor blades and shave gel, but recently they haven't been stocking women's versions of these items. They also sell a lot of expensive skin care, which I avoid since I have no need of a 3 month supply of anti-aging cream (too busy testing out skin care to review for you guys!)

But, the coolest thing is that they are selling more and more makeup, and I don't mean that Kirkland by Bohrgese stuff. I've seen MAC eyeshadows, Lancome mascara and finally this Stila set, which I basically pounced on. My husband just put it in the cart after seeing my excitement!

What exactly is it?

Actually, it's a bit hard to tell. I wish that compact was open to allow you to see the colors prior to purchase. I truthfully thought it was eye shadow (should have read more in my excitement), but it isn't.

For the price of $14.99 I got:
Contouring Trio $38 retail
Lip Glaze x2 $16.50 retail (each)
A Face Brush, not numbered, it appears to be a lower quality #8 Face Brush

Stila, Contouring Set, lip glaze, costco, deal, review
Contouring Trio $38 retail
The contouring set is a trio of powders, 2 matte and 1 with shimmer. While the retail set features lights for around the mirror, this Costco set has no lights. I honestly don't miss the lights, it's not like you're going to be applying this in the middle of a night club.

Stila, Contouring Set, lip glaze, costco, deal, review
You can see that the light really is light, the dark is more a mid-tone and slightly browner than most bronzers. The Flash is in between, has a pink tint and is more sheer. I've applied all three very heavily here for this picture, they're actually very sheer and are pretty easy to use.

The set comes with a little booklet on how/where to contour, none of which can be accomplished with that included brush. There are simple directions for slimming your nose, enlarging your eyes and sculpting your cheekbones. Love this set!

Stila, Contouring Set, lip glaze, costco, deal, review
Lip Glaze x2 $16.50 retail (each)
The lip glazes where what really excited me about this set. I've been wanting to try them out and to have two pretty pinks in this set for less than the price of one (retail) is a steal!

I couldn't get a great picture of the lip glazes in a swatch, but they are translucent/sheer with a bit of shimmer. They feel hydrating, look fantastic and last on me for hours. They do have a faint chemical taste, but are unflavored for the most part. I haven't sharpened them yet, but they do seem sturdy enough to stand up to this easily. Both of these shades are very crowd pleasing shades that will work for anyone!



Mandy in CO said...

wow! $14.99! We don't have costco here, but that's a great find.

As for the trio, I believe it *can* be used as eyeshadow....I remember looking at it online when it first came out, and either the sephora website or stila website listed eyes as one of the uses.....(I THINK!) :-)

Tammy said...

I've seen on a lot of blogs that Costco has greaat deals on Stila..I've seen that they do have some eyeshadow palettes available too. Sadly I'm not a Costco member..that may be a good thing though...lol

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Urgh. I wish I reviewed those lip glaze pencils back when Costco sold them in a three pack. I was so excited and loved the colors but...
I didn't like the pencil - sharpening is a pain and I don't want to carry that big sharpener in my purse. So often I would have a worn down pencil in my purse that I couldn't use.

Also - the caps came off several times in my purse which made a big mess.

The pencil is just a bad way to dispense lip glaze/gloss.

I hope you enjoy them more than I did.

Anonymous said...

i noticed stila at costco too. i just hope it's not the same sort of thing that got costco and sam's club in trouble for selling other designer/luxury brands. what do they call that? diversion, or something?

Online Shopping Chick said...

Thanks for the in depth review. I'll be going to Costco sometime this week so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for some Stila.

Beautilady said...

Pretty good review!
I always like the color of Stila eye shadows and highlighter. It's even great that this can be applied on lips and eyes too! so that we don't need to carry lots of stuff in our beauty bag! Too bad it comes in pencil cos pencil breaks easily when you drop it and then you need to sharpen it again!

btw, would you like to make link exchange with me? My blog is http://beautilady.com/blog/

Darlingniki said...

I got mine for 9.97 at my costco today and I got really excited!
They also have smashbox sets during the holidays for less than 20 bucks!! The most exciting purchases I made today are those ed hardy shirts for 27.99! I got me and my hubby some :)

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