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Sony dakar clarifying collection acai pore cleansing review
It is embarrassing to be in your 30's yet still having occasional acne flares. Showing up at work with a bit red bump on your chin.... not exactly cool. But, at the same time you're aging, so you want to fight that. Not very many products are on the market to help you combat both issues.

Sonya Dakar is one of the premier estheticians in Los Angeles, favored by Hollywood elite such as Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow (they both have great skin, who wouldn't want to look like them?). Today the business is run by her entire family, from her husband to her sons and daughters, they are all involved in creating great skin care products. So, I was pretty excited to try out a product from this company that sounded perfect for my skin. Yup, I'm combination, I still have acne issues on occasion, and at over 30 I need to focus on anti-aging.

This is a trio of products designed to work together, though you could certainly mix and match them with other lines. I loved all three, I had great results for the 3 weeks I used them.

The cleanser and serum contain Lactic and Salicylic acids, which are hydroxy acids, helping to improve cell turnover. In addition, all three products contain Acai, Copaiba and Andiroba extracts, all anti-oxidants. According to the company, this combination works together to normalize oil production, kill bacteria, hydrate and heal your skin. While I couldn't find information about them in a medical literature search, Dakar does quote a clinical stuy showing that 99% of text subjects reported an overall improvement in skin texture, clarity and pore size. 100% reported lightening of acne scars and a decrease in oil production.

Acai Clarifying Wash
This face wash is a bit stronger than my typical super gentle wash. The cleanser is thinner than a gel but still pretty viscous. It has an herbal scent that is a bit sharp, similar to Tea Tree Oil. While I liked this to wake me up in the morning, I wished it was a bit toned down at night. All makeup is very easily removed and the cleanser rinses off very easily.

I don't have any irritation or after-wash tightness as a result of this cleanser, but I do feel as though I've exfoliated a bit or have stripped a bit more oil off of my face than usual. My skin tolerated this fine, even despite my slight sensitivity.

Deep Pore Clarifying Serum
If you're going to try anything from this collection, this is definitely the product to try out. This serum has a consistency between a gel and a lotion, is a milky ivory color and has the same herbal scent as the other two products. It feels very silky going on to skin and as it quickly absorbs it really does feel pretty soothing.

This is the product that I felt likely made the most impact on my complexion. I feel that active ingredients are more likely to help when they are applied to the skin and then left there, rather than rinsed off because they were in a cleanser. (I know many companies claim that enough is left behind after rinsing off a cleanser. This is probably just me, but I like leaving my active ingredients on my skin rather than wondering if I rinsed them all off.) The combination of alpha and beta- hydroxy acids as well as anti-oxidants are all strongest in this product.

I applied the serum once a day at night, though you could titrate that up (to twice a day) or down (every other day) very easily, depending on what your skin needs. I had no irritation or redness from this product, and I could still apply makeup over it without any issues.

Pore Minimizer
I think that the Pore Minimizer is more of base product to use every morning than a treatment product. It feels like a gel powder (you'll see what I mean when you use it), and when applied over moisturizer it creates a great base for makeup. When left alone there is a bit of a light diffusing effect, which makes my pores look a bit smaller. I do think that this product made my t-zone a bit less oily throughout the day, though it certainly didn't make it matte.

I did really like using these three products together, I had great results without any irritation or redness. I definitely recommend trying them out!

The Clarifying collection at Sony Dakar

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of the products. My friends think I get commission when I tell them about it. The quality is excellent, price is better than you will find anywhere else and, most importantly, it works. The regime is similar to Proactive, but better. The AHA+ is the best, though. I use the whole line and don't have those one or two zits on my 31-year-old chin anymore.


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