Last Minute Gifts that Work: Philosophy's Cook Book

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My gift guide kinda got pushed to the side in the interest of my "everyday" life, but with 1 week before Christmas I thought I'd feature only products that I know and love to help you with last minute gift ideas! All of the products for now on are ones that I personally use, love and buy for others year after year. Every post will include in-depth reviews of the products, I hope this helps you find great gifts for the "hard to shop for" on your list!

One of my all-time favorite gifts to give are the Philosophy 3-in-1s. They come in a huge array of scents, and I feel as though Philosophy is forever releasing new scents. All of the scents are amazing, they somehow really do smell exactly like what they claim to be. There is no chemical slant, you simply smell amazing strawberries, fresh raspberries or your mom's pumpkin pie.

The product is meant to be used as a shampoo, body wash or bubble bath. I find that it is a bit harsh to use as shampoo, drying out my hair and scalp like crazy. It really works best in the other two purposes, body wash or bubble bath. It has a nice lather, cleans my skin well and rinses off easily. I have no after wash tightness or irritation, though I do wish the formula was a bit more moisturizing. I gladly take the trade off of applying a bit more moisturizer in exchange for the amazing scents!

As a bubble bath it definitely produces a large amount of bubbles, though not completely overwhelming. You do smell some of the fragrance, but unlike a lot of bubble baths it doesn't complete saturate the air. I view this as a good thing!

While Philosophy has a wide array of holiday gifts this year, my favorite is the Holiday Cookbook, which includes red velvet cake, cinnamon buns, spicy pear cobbler, pumpkin spice muffin, gingerbread and double rich hot cocoa.

You can buy Philosophy from, Sephora and other major department stores like Bloomingdales.

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