Give the Gift of Amazing Eyelashes: Prescriptives' False Eyelashes!

prescriptives, mascara, false eyelashes, mascara primer, eye makeup remover, review
Another day, another great gift set!

This set from Prescriptives includes:
-Full-size False Eyelashes Plush Mascara in Plush Black (0.19 oz.)
-Travel-size Lash Builder Mascara Basecoat (0.08 oz.)
-Travel-size Quick Remover for Eye Makeup (2.0 oz.)

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I'm very picky about my mascara. I want length, I want volume, I want it to hold my curl, be easy to apply, not flake/smudge all day and I want to look like I have on falsies without having to put them on. All that from 1 little tube! I've actually had great luck finding good mascaras, so I had really high expectations from this one, given the name.

prescriptives, mascara, false eyelashes, mascara primer, eye makeup remover, review
False Eyelashes Mascara
The brush on this mascara is very dense, making it nearly impossible to miss any little lashes. This is fantastic for volume, and you can see that this mascara really did thicken up my lashes! I also got great length, it helped curl stay put (you have to put it there with a curler, but we should all be doing that anyways), and the effects last pretty much all day long. Minimal clumping, no flaking or smudging.

This is a great mascara that I would buy over and over again! I definitely felt that it lived up to its name!

prescriptives, mascara, false eyelashes, mascara primer, eye makeup remover, review
Lash Builder Base Coat
I find mascara base coats to be a bit odd. They are usually white, so completely covering them is a must. They tend to be clumpier than actual mascara, and they can translate this over to the final results. Often they don't contribute much to the overall look if you are using a good mascara to begin with.

This primer is no exception. It is a bit clumpy, turns my lashes white and I think lessened the wear of my mascara, creating less overall curl, volume and length by the end of the day. If you get the hang of it, I do think that this primer offers a little bit more volume and length over the False Eyelashes alone (which didn't translate into these pictures, but was apparent in real life).

So, worth it for special occasions, definitely not worth it for every day use.

Quick Remover For Eye Makeup
The final product in this kit is a travel size of Prescriptives eye makeup remover. Apply with just a cotton pad, wipe eye makeup away! This product does a pretty good job. It easily removed all mascara (and primer), as well as eye shadow. It took 2 pads to get rid of all my eye liner (and I don't wear much), but that's still better than most drug store products. Not quite up to my favorite Lancome product, but I love the travel size and I'm sure it will come on several trips with me!

Prescriptives' False Eyelashes


Tavia said...

I must say i really love the effect. Looks really good on the pictures. I myself hate to use false eyelashes so I'm kind of picky myself when it comes to mascara. Thanks for sharing

Sherry said...

I used to wear false eyelashes on a daily basis---everyone did during their heyday in the late sixties and very early seventies! (Yes, i'm getting old!) Anyway, I got so good at applying them, that it became second nature to me I stoped wearing them, at my hubby's request, after our marriage. It was a compromise---he would stop wearing the ten-gallon cowboy hat that was the "IN" thing in his origial Texas, (I hated it; it didn't go over well in Tennessee), if I gave up the lashes. I didn't really need them anyway since I had very long, thick lashes of my own and with mascara, you really couldn't tell the difference. False lashes were just the thing to do at that time! They did save time with mascara, though! Anyhoo, last year, I saw that they were back, so I bought a set just to try them again. I've lost my touch! I can't get them on straight no matter how hard I try! I hate getting old.*sad*

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