Gifts that Work: Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum Eye Palette

I love Bobbi Brown's eye shadows! They are well pigmented, blend well, last forever without creasing or suddenly disappearing on you. No one does neutrals like Bobbi, no one. You could buy a Bobbi Palette and have it work on absolutely anyone.

Right now she's offering 25% off some items on her website (this is not one of them), but there are quite a few items that would be great gifts!

Bobbi Brown


Tavia said...

I really love the color combination of this palette. I'm natural blonde hair and usually i use darker eyeshadows for makeup. But definitly i will try this one.

Sherry said...

I absolutely love these shades! They are exactly what I have been looking for! I can't afford the splurge, tho, right now.*sad* Why don't you offer these up in a contest?*lightbulb moment!* It's the only way I would have a chance at them!!

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