Relief for my Aching Skin! Clinique's Comfort On Call

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This cream is going to take up permanent residence in my medicine cabinet. And I'll be buying one for my call bag. Oh, and one to take on trips with me. Why all of the stocking up? Well, the name of this cream says it all. And I am in love!

I've mentioned before that I'm a sufferer of eczema, and while I'm generally under pretty good control (meaning, I'm not rashy but I often am somewhat itchy), I do suffer flares. For that reason I don't tend to try out new lotions on my legs (my most affect area for some reason). I tend to suffer the most in arid conditions, which means that the fall/winter, extra time at work and time on planes all are particularly harsh for me. I can turn into a very uncomfortable itchy person when faced with all of those conditions. The worst part about all of that is that once an itchy flare has started it's hard to reverse it. Comfort is difficult to find, and very few things can soothe my itchy skin.

So, I was intrigued but a bit wary when a box showed up on my doorstep with this new cream from Clinique. True, Clinique is known for their great skin care. But, the word "comfort" was in the name.....

Then I read the papers included in the cream. There was some stuff about some fruit in Japan that the locals eat to decrease their allergies, et cetera.

What I cared about were these bullet points:
• Gives immediate relief to dry, dehydrated skin and calms irritated skin
• Helps shield and protect skin against extreme weather conditions while maintaining moisture
• Is suitable for all skin types that become very dry and taut when exposed to frigid climates
• Help's reduce skin's reactivity and instance of cracked, flaky or rough skin with continued use

There was also information about restoring the skin's lipid barrier function. I don't have a list of ingredients to see what is in this cream to tell you what makes it work, but I'll tell you what I thought about it.

This is not so much a cream as a "just barely not solid" product. The cream is easily broken up with your fingers, and with pressure and heat it loosens up quite a bit. With application the product pretty much sinks immediately into skin without any residue. There isn't a cooling or soothing feeling during application, even when my skin is incredibly irritated. Suddenly my skin is just.... normal. It stops hurting and itching. It's comfortable.

As well, you need very little of the cream for a pretty large area. There's almost no smell. And your skin will suddenly feel comfortable. This I love.

Comfort On Call Allergy Tested Relief Cream


  1. Ok - I will definitely be opening my jar tonight! I bet it will do wonders for my dry, itchy hands!

  2. Excellent review on Clinique's Comfort on Call. But you didn't mention anything about the price. Is it a very costly product?

  3. Hi Christine! How are you?!
    I am in love with this as well. I've used it every day since I got it! It's perfect for protecting my skin from cold and wind when I take my Husky for a stroll :)


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