Need a Beauty Fix?

beauty fix, monthly, club, quarterly, regular, sampler, subscription
If you're a beauty addict like me (and chances are that you're one if you're reading my site), then you need a Beauty Fix!

This quarterly subscription service sends you new beauty products to discover. The shipments come in a great black case, packed full of new products to try out.

I've just received my first shipment and I'm excited!

First, the bag is great. It's a heavy quilted cotton lined with nylon. It's about 9" x 5" x3", which is a great travel size. Mine was completely stuffed with products!

beauty fix, monthly, club, quarterly, regular, sampler, subscription
Here's what was inside.
M Lab Anti-Aging Treatment Cream: This cream was previously only available at Harrod's, but is slowly infiltrating the US. I loved the whole line when I tried it out before. This cream is hydrating and absorbs quickly, not to mention having a huge percentage of biologically active ingredients.

Redpoint Noc-Out Cover Up Compact: This is a trio of concealer like products. They are meant to help you cover up virtually any imperfection in your skin. While this obviously won't work for everyone's skin tone, it will work for many fair girls including me. I have this compact already, just haven't had a chance to fully test it out. Each of the sections are well labelled (good for me, I couldn't ever remember what each one does), and they really do help to cancel things out, blend easily and stick around all day.

Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder in Rose Gold, it has 1.8 grams and looks pretty full sized to me.

Amarté Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum, Full Size: A lightweight moisturizer meant for all skin types but especially for those with combination skin, this "serum" is pretty interesting. So far I've tried it once on the back of my hand (obviously a full couple week trial will be coming soon), and discovered that the serum is actually a milky white gel! When you apply it liquifies and quickly absorbs into skin. It was cooling and smelled very cucumber (love!), leaving my hand silky smooth without residue. I have a feeling that I'm going to love this one!

Amarté Natural Wonder Cream, 10 ml sample: This cream is meant to go over the serum. Glancing at the label I see Vitamin E and Retinol both listed as ingredients!

PCA Skin Purifying Mask, meant for weekly use this mask lists clay as well as both Vitamin E and Retinyl Palmitate as ingredients. This is one that I'm very excited to try out!

PerriconeMD Firming Neck Therapy, 15 ml sample: This cream is obviously meant to help firm your neck. It has Vitamins C and E, a peptide and an anti-glycating agent (this I'm not too sure about, sounded like a bunch of hooey, but I haven't researched it yet). We'll see.

Sensa, 15 day supply: This one is a bit harder to write about quickly. Developed by Dr. Hirsch, a well known neurologist, this system is meant to help you lose weight just by sprinkling some different smelling things on your food. Sounds a bit crazy, doesn't it? Actually, I've met Dr. Hirsch (turns out that we were in the same small program for college and med school, just about 16 years apart) and I've read the studies on this stuff. The study was huge (over 1000 patients) and well done. Patients using the sprinkles lost about 33 pounds each. Really. I've tasted it on food and I can't tell that it's there. I'm not on it because I don't need to lose weight, but I've given my samples of it to family members.

Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque, full size: I'm really interested to try out this product. It features a technology known as t-sferes, which I learned about a few months ago at the Total Beauty Summit in LA. This is basically a bunch of little bubbles that contain ingredients. The bubbles are actually liposomes, and they do penetrate hair, skin, etc. The t-sferes are different because they are imbedded within each other, the inner t-sferes penetrating deeper to deliver different ingredients to those areas of the skin/hair, etc. There's a line with the same technology coming out soon.
Anyways, this conditioner mask is applied to dry hair at night, and apparently is completely absorbs and doesn't get on your pillow (my friend Christina already tried it). In the morning do your usual thing. Christina proclaims love. I'm gonna try it out and let you know.

All this is only $50! You can get yours at Beauty Fix


nailpolishblogger said...

Wow I've never heard of beauty fix, definitely going to check it out!

d. said...

Cannot thank you enough!!! Received my Beauty Fix yesterday. Awesome products and great quality...have used each of them already. I get the NewBeauty TestTube quarterly, but this was TONS better. Thanks for recommending it! If you hadn't, I would've missed out!

One question...I'm really unsure which Noc color is which. The drawing doesn't seem right to me. Can you post a description with shades?

Thanks again!!!


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