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One of my favorite blushes is also one of the cult classic colors. NARS Orgasm.

I first purchased this blush very shortly before my wedding. I had been searching for the perfect color for my pale complexion on my wedding day and a trip to Sephora brought me this classic pinky-peach shade. It is subtle. Me but better. A light dusting is perfect for all day, every day. It's also buildable, so extra layers make it slightly more intense, rather than muddy.

I wore Orgasm blush every day during my initial three years of training, and while I've branched out since then, I still wear it probably once or twice a week. So if you do the math.... the blush compact in the left of this picture is about 5 1/2 years old. Yes, that's older than some "experts" say you should keep a blush (For the record, "they" say that's 2 years. I'm not sure where this number comes from). Anyways, I haven't hit pan yet and the shade still blends and works just great.

When I heard that NARS would be releasing a "Super Orgasm" version, all I could think of was those bronzer that came out this summer the size of dinner plates. You know the ones, they were too orange for you too. I was expecting an extremely large blush.

Instead, Super Orgasm is the same size as a regular NARS blush, but it's definitely a suped-up version of the regular Orgasm. The subtle shimmer has given way to gold glitter, which while present in the compact doesn't really show up on the cheek. I was happy about this, as I don't really need chunky gold glitter on my cheekbone. Super Orgasm is a bit darker and a bit pinker than the original as well.

I like the Super Orgasm every bit as much as the original. The darker shade requires a light hand to look natural, but it the end result is a buildable, natural looking flush. It's just a bit pinker than the original.

NARS Blush


Phyrra said...

For a blush to last you that long, that's a great deal. That means the quality of the product really is good. Will you be swatching the two colors or showing us how they look on your face, comparing the two?

Natasha Wescoat said...

I'm getting my order of that in the mail this week. Can't wait to see how it does on me. I tried to love the first version but was too light for my complexion.

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