Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets & How to Achieve that Cosmo Cover Worthy Hair!

Cosmo, beauty book, sexiest beauty secrets, tips
My favorite part of Cosmo is of course the beauty section. They have some great tips, and it's always the first section that I turn to. Lucky for me, they've come out with a great new book that features some of the best tips they've ever offered! The tips are practical, quick and easy to follow.

Here are a couple pictures of my book to show you what to expect. You can see that they're pretty in depth tips, telling you step by step exactly what to do!
Cosmo, beauty book, sexiest beauty secrets, tips

Cosmo, beauty book, sexiest beauty secrets, tips

Perhaps my favorite tip though came on page 91, where Oscar Blandi shares how he acheives the voluminous, bombshell hair that all of those Cosmo covers he styles are famous for.

To achieve the look:
• Towel dry hair, spray ends with leave-in conditioner and then volumizer all over.
• Flip head over, dry roots while pulling hair away from scalp with your fingers. Dry the rest of your hair until damp.
• Flip back over to normal, wrap 1" sections of hair in velcro rollers. Dry with a diffuser on "hot" for 10 minutes. If you can wait until hair is completely dry consider large hot rollers or a curling iron.
• Remove rollers. Mix 1 drop shine serum and 1 drop light gel (hold and shine together), rub hands together to distribute on your fingers, then run hands through hair.
• If you need extra volume consider gently teasing your roots at the crown.
• Finish with a quick spray of hair spray!

This book really is rather large, and a lot of the pages have more than 1 tip. Truly this is a fantastic holiday gift for yourself or another beauty fanatic in your life!
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