Cereus, Fragrance for the "Affluent" and "Over 35"?

It took a bit of looking around on-line to find the website for this line of fragrances that I was interested in. Strangely enough, many sites called this a line of scents for the "affluent, over 35." Which I thought was odd, but likely just a reference to them being available at Barney's. One site even mentioned that it was refreshing to see a scent targeted to someone who has graduated from high school. Imagine, a men's cologne that isn't targeting the same audience as Axe Body Spray!

The scents are numbered rather than named, and I do think they all sound rather appealing. Here's a few of my favorites.

Pour Homme $125
• 4: Green Apple, Papyrus
• 6: Spider Orchid, Licorice Bark, Soft Haitian Vetiver, Coral Amber

Pour Feme $125
• 9: Black Currant, Juicy Raspberry, Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, Musk, Sandalwood, Cedarwood
• 12: Black Currant, Peach Flower, Watermelon, Brazilian Rosewood, Vanilla


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