Bond No. 9's Perfume Token

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I love the look of this new token from Bond No. 9. This subway token comes in a white leather zipper case, inside is a solid perfume. It comes in 6 of Bond's most popular fragrances and can be refilled.

• Andy Warhol Union Square
• Chelsea Flowers
• Chinatown
• Nuits de Noho
• The Scent of Peace
• Wall Street

Bond Subway Token, $85 at Bond No 9 or Saks Fifth Avenue
Bond No.9


Kiki said...

This has nothing do with Bond, but I thought I'd ask anyway... I'm in search of the most "quiet" scent there is, I need something extremely ligh because I work in a hospital (here in Finland it's actually not recommended to wear fragrances at all at work) but I need something to smell nice! I also get headache quite easily so the work-code is really the only way for me anyway What fragrance would you recommend??

Anonymous said...

get one of the toilet waters instead of perfume, they wear out and leave just a hint of scent, cartier in red bottle is nice

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