I'm in Hair Love: AG's Colour Savour

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Did you ever try a new Shampoo & Conditioner for the first time and had such great results that you thought it was a fluke? And your hair was somehow absurdly soft, shiny and easy to manage? It took less time to dry your hair, it actually behaved itself and everyone you knew complimented you on your new hair cut? Whenever this happens to me I pretty much assume the results are because I've switched to a different product, and usually these results are gone within a few uses.

Except that this duo of shampoo and conditioner is still giving me great hair days a few weeks later. My hair is absurdly soft, it restored it to the immediate post-treatment softness that I enjoyed in Paris. It has great lather, rinses off easily and as an added bonus has a great citrus scent that I've never had in shampoo and conditioner before. I haven't had a bad hair day yet!

I'm already planning my purchase of mass quantities of this set once I'm out of my "usual" go-to set of Pureology Hydrate. I've found some huge bottles of it on Amazon.com, complete with pumps. Expect to see them in my shower by the end of the year!

AG Hair Cosmetics


  1. It sounds heavenly, right down to the citrus scent. I want some!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely have to try this.

  3. Hey Christina!

    Have you guys tried Cibu? I got it from my salon in DC and they have awesome products!! They use all kind of flower extracts and it makes your hair silky smooth! They preserve your color too.

    You should test it out.



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