Can You REALLY Peel Your Face At Home? L'Oreal's ReNoviste Anti-Aging Peel Kit

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When I hear mention of the words "peel" and "face" together, all I can picture is Samantha from Sex & The City. Her raw and oozing face probably steers a lot of women away from getting peels each year. As scary as they sound, peels are still among the most popular non-invasive treatments performed in both medi-spas and dermatologist's offices around the country.

Personally, I don't have the time (or money really) to head to a derm's office for a peel. But, the idea of a bit more intense exfoliation definitely appeals to me. Recently I've had quite a few 30 hour shifts at the hospital, which means that I don't wash my face often (running around taking care of patients), that combined with stress really takes a huge toll on my skin. I have increased blackheads and just look overall very lackluster.

So, when I saw this amazing peel at the L'Oreal Paris store in LA I just had to have it.

While you won't get professional level results from it, this peel's active ingredient (glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid) is the same ingredient in many of the professional peels. The main difference is that the concentration of acid (and the depth of skin affected by the peel) is much less in this version.

My kit came with about 8 mini vials of the peel, which is a clear thick liquid. You put it onto a cotton pad (included in the kit) and spread onto your face. I'm sure you could use your fingers to spread it if you really wanted to, but I felt that the application was more even with the pad. Then let it sit. While the directions say no more than 5 minutes, they also warn to rinse as soon as you feel tingling. I stuck strictly to the 5 minutes the first few times I used this kit, but once lost track of time and wore it for 10 minutes before I felt a first early tingling. I've read of people on MUA that left his on for 40 minutes or so. I think they might be confusing this with another kit, honestly. Then use a cotton pad to spread the neutralizer (looks like water) onto your face, wash and moisturize. The moisturizer they include is a thin lotion that is somewhat hydrating but honestly isn't really anything special. I now skip this step, preferring to use my own night cream.

Overall I don't get an amazing result with a single use, I have to say that now after 3 treatments I have definitely seen some nice results. I have fewer blackheads, my skin is smoother and overall I look more rested. I think that the kit was definitely stronger than using a scrub in terms of exfoliation, though I don't feel too much different than after a great mud mask or facial. As well, I haven't had any "Samantha" issues, all of my uses have been irritation and redness free!

Would I get it again? I probably would. I just wouldn't expect a miracle.

Loreal ReNoviste Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel Kit at


  1. Samantha has definitely scared me away from wanting peels! But this sounds like a much more mild version. Definitely worth checking out!

  2. I'm already using L'Oreal ReNoviste Anti'Aging Peel Kit for some time and I got positive result after applying for 4-5 times.


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