Be Pampered Like a Parisian, A Visit to Clarins!

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I've always loved Clarins. I love skin care products that are luxurious, non-irritating and actually work. Plus, they've always made me feel very trés chic. Before starting this site (well, before having skin care just show up on my doorstep everyday) I was slowly transitioning into a Clarins/Kiehls addict, using only those two brands for my skin care needs.

So, you can imagine that when I found out that during my trip to Paris I'd be spending a day with Clarins, including a treatment at their Institut, I was elated!

My facial at Clarins was pretty amazing, I have to say! In Europe there is more emphasis on topical treatments during your facial, as opposed to the US where it seems the estheticians are obsessed with extraction. With one look the Clarins esthetician was able to tell me all about my skin type. She knew in about 20 seconds that my face is combination, that I am sometimes sensitive and that my cheeks were incredibly dry after my long flight to France. She knew this despite the fact that I had on a full face of foundation and powder (I was not at all shiny or red). It really was rather impressive.

I lost count of the number of different products that she used on my face. I can tell you that anything with the Alpine Herb scent (which is orange-rosemary to me) is To Die For! I want everything to be Alpine Herb now.

One of my favorite products that they used on me was the Gentle Facial Peeling Mask. This gentle exfoliator is formulated to be used even on sensitive skin. Once it has dried on you simply rub your hands over the area. The mask peels up and exfoliates the skin underneath. It feels as if you are peeling dried white glue off of your skin, just like in elementary school. The end result really is smoother skin without any redness or irritation! I also received a personal skin care prescription from my esthetician, including morning, night and even weekly products to use.

By the end of my facial my skin was finally soft and radiant again, instead of wane and dehydrated. I think next time I'm in Paris (which I'm hoping is in the next few years) I'll be scheduling myself another visit at Clarins the day after I arrive to recharge my complexion!

The rest of my day at Clarins consisted of an amazing lunch, some great info on their product line (I'm rushing out to buy myself some Thirst Quenching Hydra-Care Mask to use after my next flight), and a lot of time playing with their cosmetics! The Wonder Length Mascara was amazing! It really made Tammy from A Mom in Red High Heels look like her lashes were a mile long.

Keep an eye out for some up coming Clarins product reviews. I'm especially excited to try out the Beauty Flash Balm!



  1. I have been using that Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for years - LOVE IT!

  2. I am SO jealous! Clarins institute.... lucky girl!

  3. Your Clarins experience sounds divine. I have always loved their self-tanning products, but - and I am ashamed to admit - that I haven't used any of their skin care products to date. That mask looks like it will be my first try.


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