Too Faced's Lash Injection, An Injection of Volume and Length?

too faced, lash injection, mascara, reviewI've heard quite a bit about the "tube" mascaras. These are non-traditional mascaras that create a tube of polymer around each lash rather than simply coating the lash. These tubes are usuall fairly waterproof, help to separate the lashes and rumor has it that these mascaras can create amazing length and volume.

So, I decided to give Too Faced's new Pinpoint version of their Lash Injection Mascara a shot. Like the original this one also coats the lashes creating tubes, but the Pin Point formula sports a smaller brush, making it easier to reach every little lash.

This mascara does work pretty well. It applies very easily to my lashes, but I did find that my lashes could get stuck together rather easily with this mascara. You'll need to keep an eyelash comb handy, because if you don't separate them before the mascara dries they will stay that way!

too faced, lash injection, mascara, review
After 1 coat of the mascara my lashes achieved much more length, some volume and great curl. I think that this mascara is primarily for those that want length, because really that is primarily what it gave me. By the end of the day my lashes had lost a bit of curl, but not much! As well, the area under my eyes was still free of any mascara flakes or smudges.

The only tricky thing about this mascara is the removal. While Too Faced does make a remover just for this mascara, I opted to just try my usual Lancome eye makeup remover. With just water this mascara does not budge, but with a bit of soap or eye makeup remover the tubes are loosened. You'll need to just slide the tubes off of your lashes with your finger tips and that's it! It is strange to see all of the little tubes, and be careful not to get them in your eyes if you are a contacts wearer like me.

Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point


  1. I haven't tried the Pinpoint yet, but LI has been a staple of mine for about a year. I love it! Much better than Fiber Wig.

  2. While I liked this mascara at first, I found it expired a lot faster than traditional mascaras, and after just a few weeks the tubes started flaking off during the day.


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