Tarte's EmphasEYES Eye Liner

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So, I have a lot of eyeliner. I have so much eye liner that it has its own holder on my bathroom counter. This little cup has teal, purple, purple with sparkles, blue, green and about 20 different black eye liners.

But, there is only 1 brown. Why is this? I'm not really quite sure. What I do know is that recently I ran out of the Brownborder Technakohl Liner that I had been using for months. That meant no more brown liner. This was bad because I had taken to using brown for everyday recently (it's less severe with my super translucent paleness issue). I needed new liner pronto.

I decided that it was time to branch out again and try a different liner. I ran directly to Sephora! I decided that since this brown liner would be my go-to every morning liner, it would need to be fast and easy. I didn't want to make time sharpening said liner fit into that 15 Minutes I have to get ready every morning. So, I needed a brown automatic eyeliner pencil. Apparently those are much harder to find than you would think, at my huge Sephora there were only 2 liners that fit that description. I picked this one.

This really is a great liner. Not only is the pencil automatic, but the entire thing is much skinnier than a "regular" eye liner, with the result that it always seems as if it is sharpened. This is really great for lining very close to (and in to) my lash line! The brown color is a deep brown that I love (I feel as if some brown liners are lighter and this looks a bit odd). The liner is pretty easy to blend into the lash line with a brush and it lasts all day without a smudge!

So, this liner will now permanently be my "brown liner" that I wear every day unless I'm testing something else. I'll be branching out into other colors as well, I have my eye on Plum for fall!

Tarte's EmphasEYES Eye Liner

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