Shiny Much? Mineral Matte Priming Powder

I'm a bit shiny in my t-zone area. My skin is combination, so I'm not super shiny, but I'm most definitely shiny. I carry around those little papers to take away oil (my favorite are the ones from Clean & Clear), I have lots of extra pressed powder in each purse, and I've had varied results with mattifying products from lines like Clarins and OC Eight.

Personally, I want to have a more matte t-zone, but I don't want to achieve this by putting on layer after layer of a gel that cakes on my face. I want matte but I don't want to feel the reason why my face is matte.

So, while in theory pretty much all powders should help to make your face more matte and control oil. But, I'm not so sure that that's always the case. So, I found it interesting that J. Lynne has gone to the trouble of actually labeling a powder as matte. I thought perhaps this powder would be more matte. So, I had to try it out!

It really IS more matte. It works for an incredibly long time. I can't tell that it is on my skin. Truly, it is a shiny girl's dream come true!

This is really a translucent powder that comes in a few shades. I have tried using it under mineral makeup in place of primer (as J. Lynne suggests), which does not change my foundation application at all. I've also used it over regular foundation as a regular "all over" powder and I've also used it in just my t-zone over other powders. It blends easily and looks natural on my skin.

I've found that it really keeps my shiny skin matte all day long. I wore it just on my t-zone recently for one of my marathon 30 hour shifts at work. When I finally had a chance to go and lie down for the night (at 1 am) my face was still perfectly matte. I had applied the powder at about 6 am! This was with a little dusting over my t-zone!

So, forget all those internet rumors of putting Milk of Magnesia on your face. (Really, the rumor is out there, personally I'm too afraid to actually try this option.) I think this is the solution that really works. So, I'm adding this powder to my Holy Grail product list!

J Lynne Cosmetics Mineral Matte Priming Powder


L2 said...

Sounds like an interesting product. In my case oily skin also = large pores so anything with small particles (including all sunscreens) tends to make me break out.

Critty said...

Oooooo, I think I need to have this! Be careful with the Clean and Clear blotting papers, they do contain mineral oil - booo to that. I used the Sonia Kashuk ones, mineral oil free, but HUGE. Some people don't like that, but I have a giant face ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you know where you can buy this? I love all of the reviews you do, but many of them are for brands that I've never heard of before. It might be more helpful if you'd mention where to purchase them. :)

Christine said...

At the bottom of every post there's a link that has more info on the product. In the case of a "major" brand like Max Factor or MAC it goes to the brand's website which you can usually order from directly or will offer a list of stores near you (look at the bottom of their page usually)

For the smaller brands that I feature the link also goes to the brand's website, and I try to only feature ones that you can buy on-line directly. In the case of this product you can order from the J Lynne website.

Hope that helps!

kahani said...

Ooh I tried this, but got mixed results. On somedays it would be good. On others my face would itch slightly but be no less oily. I'm using Silk Naturals Matte primer now and I find it to be more comfortable and works really well. The tinted primer is great as a finishing powder too. =)

Beauty blogger @ So Loverly

Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome...I have been using it cosmetics get wet waterproof bronzer and it has been helping me with my shine...Only the first shade does the othe two are a shimmer.

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