Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Review: Can A Shampoo Make Your Hair Grow Longer?

Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Review
Interesting question isn't it? The fact is that Pantene is trying to claim that their Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner do help you grow your hair longer. In fact, they're marketing this shampoo and conditioner duo with information on donating to locks of love and they even have a collaboration with The Knot on growing out your hair for your wedding.

The truth is that things aren't so easy as saying that using certain products every morning can help your hair grow longer.

So, how are these products different than usual? They actually use the Aquacurrents technology that has been popping up in all sorts of skin care items. How a humectant helps your hair I'm not entirely certain. However, I think that most likely it helps to hold moisture to the hair shaft, preventing the cuticle from lifting up and creating frizzy hair that is prone to breakage. I don't know this for sure, but that's my assumption. Preventing breakage in this manner won't make your hair grow faster, but decreasing breakage will definitely help your hair grow longer and in a healthier condition than usual. Hence, Pantene is right.

So, how are the products? They're rich and creamy. They have a light perfume scent that is great. The lather is nice and everything rinses out nicely. My hair was shiny, though I do think that the products were perhaps a bit too hydrating for my hair, which isn't dry. My hair was a bit flat and just lost more volume as the day went on, I think someone with drier hair would have better luck with this combo than I did.

So, if you have long hair, are growing out your hair, and if your hair is a bit dry/damaged this might be a good choice for you!

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Collection


  1. I had been thinking to try out this combo...thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks for the info. I'm thinking about trying this and I have dry, very curly frizzy hair.....lucky me(note sarcasm), lol.

  3. For the last week or so I have been trying to figure out why my hair has looked oily and kinda heavy and weighed down. Thought it may be the shampoo but I have been using it for probably a month to a month and a half and have never had problems with ANY Pantene products before and figured I would have noticed a problem sooner. After reading the review im thinking that it’s the shampoo and continual use just caused it to get worse and worse.

    Thanks for the review! I still LOVE Pantene but im going to go back to my ice and shine! Never needed special shampoo to grow my hair out before, just thought I would get the new stuff to help it along!

    I have very healthy hair, its dyed but still I never had an issue with it being dry so I agree with the review, if this is the reason my hair is so blah now then people with less then moistured hair might have better results!

  4. Hye, I'm a girl from belgium and I noticed your site when I was looking for a shampoo that gives you straight hair. Now maybe you know some? Cause I tried many things, but nothing helps.. I want a shampoo that gives me straight hair without using a straigthner, cause it ruins the quality of my hair and it costs so mutch time to straight it everyday with a straigthner and now I've seen this articel, I want one that wil make my hair grow longer. So I've read this artical but I don't understand it completely. Does it makes your hair grow or not? And do you know a shampoo that will make my hair grow faster? Thanks!

  5. tried this before its an amazing product :) going to buy it again :D

  6. I'm so glad I read this! Thank you for clearing the whole thing up cos after checking the ingredients myself, I was sceptical about the whole strengthening thing and figured it'd be down to the emollients and humectants and stuff. So thanks! :D

  7. Thank you so much. I just squealed out loud, which is wierd. I've been considering by this for some time. I would always say my hair is a bit damages or fragile since I have curly frizzy hair and straighten weekly. But I recently went on a flat iron binge about three months ago and burned off a lot of my half. Then I cut it, thinking this would help it grow back. I went from the luscious long hair I had all my life to basically scrubs. It breaks my heart to think about what happened. Moving forward, I saw this product on shelves and it jumped out at me but I was hesitant. This review changes my opinion.

  8. I use this because I have curly dry frizzy hair so I would it agree because its definitely helped but when I went on vacation I ran out and can't find any in this country so when I get back to the states I am definitely buying some

  9. I tried Pantene Beautiful Lengths about 5 months ago. I bought it because it was helping SGK find a cure I also heard that it helped your hair grow. The first time I used it I thought it smell really nice but the next day I woke up with oily hair I thought it was because my hair wasn't used to it. But every time I would use it it would feel amazing after I got out and my hair dried but a couple hours later it would be really disgusting as oily. It has looked like I haven't washed my hair in months when I had taken one that morning. I highly don't recommend this product to people. I know that it's my opinion it may not have worked for me but it could work for you. I would never purchase a Pantene product again.

  10. i used Johnson's baby shampoo and pantene beautiful lengths conditioner together and they made my hair grow really long very fast. i had shoulder length hair and those 2 together made my hair up to where my legs are in 4 months!
    if you want long hair i suggest putting Johnson's baby shampoo and pantene beautiful lengths conditioner together

  11. Do you mix them together as like a shampoo and conditioner in one or shampoo first then conditioner?

  12. Just use them as a regular shampoo and conditioner.

  13. I just want something that stops making my hair frizzy n something that will make my hair grow really fast n make it nice n smooth. This product definitely caught my eye n will buy it the next time I get paid.


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