Natural But Impossibly Long and Lush Lashes? Actually, Yes!

L'oreal, loreal, mascara, bare naturale, reviewI think my "usual" readers are probably well aware of my mascara affinity by now. I basically refuse to leave the house (even just to get the mail) each day without mascara on. My face is not prepared to face the world without mascara.

While most women are fiercely loyal to one mascara, I'm forever looking for the next mascara that will give me long, full lashes that border on looking like I'm wearing false eye lashes. I want them to be as amazing as possible. So, when an envelope arrived in my mail box with a mascara labelled "natural" I was not very interested. The mascara stayed untested for a week or so until I saw a commercial for it, in which L'Oreal promised length, volume and no clumping. The natural part referred to the 85% natural origin ingredients. Now I was interested!

You can see from the pictures here that this mascara really does deliver fantastic results. The wand somehow allows the mascara to be easily applied without clumping or creating spidery lashes. With just one coat of this mascara (as shown here) I had great length and volume that lasted pretty much all day. There was a little bit of loss in curl by the end of the day, but no problems with smudging or flaking. At the end of the day it washes off quickly and easily.

Overall, I can strongly recommend this mascara.

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara

Great news! When I was preparing my review of this mascara I got an e-mail from Lucky Magazine. Starting today at 10:00 eastern (9/9/08) you can go to Lucky Lookout where they'll be giving away 1000 mascaras!


  1. Hmm, when I click on the link it tells me the page cannot be found.

  2. I keep seeing this and thinking about purchasing it, but until your review I hadn't heard any takes on it. Glad to hear you liked it...I might end up trying it. What mascara do you generally use?

  3. I haven't tried this one yet but I like BLINC's Kiss Me mascara. It took a little learning curve to get the hang of using it but man does it make lashes pop!


  4. Phyrra- It turns out there was some quirk with the page, but it seems to be working now. Hurry, they only have 1000 to give away!

    Emilita- I tend to switch between a huge number of mascaras in my drawer. Currently my "go-to" mascara during the week is by Tarte, their Lash Hugger is great (review coming soon!) or Max Factor's Volume Couture. I also have been using this Bare Naturale a LOT on the weekends lately though, it does have a little bit of a more natural look but it's also the only brown mascara that I have right now.

    Kelley- I've own the Kiss Me mascara for quite a while, it's actually been sitting in my beauty closet since last October (I bought it on a trip to Chicago for work at Sephora, the only time I've actually seen it in stock). I actually opened it for the first time this morning and was definitely underwhelmed. I'm hoping to get the hang of it soon, but we'll see!

  5. I've found the 'secret' to using the Kiss Me MUST use the lash primer first. I put 2 coats of the primer on- wait about 10 secs between each coat and then put on only one coat of the mascara. I've actually had skin care clients ask me where I had my lash extensions done! You'll get the hang of it and the results are awesome! Have fun!

  6. I like how you posted the before and after shots of your eye lashes with this mascara. This makes me think it might work on my eyes :)

  7. Christine,
    It looks great on you!
    Love the pics of your eyes!!!
    Have you tried max factor/ pat mcgrath mascara yet???



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