Can a Light Really Stop Aging? What is Tända?

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What exactly is that little hand held device? Is it really a bunch of LED lights to help treat aging?

Actually, yes. It is.

LED light treatments have been offered in medi-spas for years. While early data that I can find in the medical literature was a bit controversial, it does appear that more recent data does show benefit for those treating acne or early signs of aging. While different wavelength ranges of light are used to treat for each indication. This new handset from Tanda is in the wavelength shown to help increase collagen production, improve elasticity and decrease fine wrinkles.

While the results aren't of the same level that you would see from a laser treatment in your dermatologist's office, this is another anti-aging modality that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

The kit is available only at Sephora and includes:
• Tända light therapy cordless hand piece
• Tända Regenerate treatment head
• Recharging stand
• Tända Light-Optimized™ Cleanser
• Tända Light-Optimized™ Anti-Aging Serum

The kit is $275 and there are refills available of the products that come with the kit. I haven't tried any of these products, but I thought that everyone would want to know that there is evidence in the medical literature that LED lights work. So, if you're thinking about splurging on a Tända kit you're probably not wasting your money.

Tända at Sephora


  1. Did you know Tända is Swedish for "to light (up)"? :) Anyway, that sounds like really revolutionary claims. I can't help but being skeptic.

  2. It's funny that you mentioned this product... I'm from the Philippines, and in our language, "Tanda" translate as "old", and when used as a pronoun, it means "old person", which is hilarious ironic!

    I believe in LED lighting, though, so I still think this is a great product. If they're selling in the Philippines, though, they might want to change the name.


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