Anti-Aging for Your Lips? Try Blistex's New Deep Renewal

Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Balm Review
So, many of us (me especially) become obsessed with anti-aging all parts of our body at all times as we grow older. (True, I'm only 31 and I have no wrinkles, but turning 30 was not a good psychological time for me)

One of the locations which is either very frequently overlooked (or not over looked, but rather just not treated due to the high price of typical anti-aging products for this area) are the lips. Aging lips?? Yup. Your lips are incredibly sensitive to the sun, are frequently not covered with sunscreen and take a huge beating every day. Think about those around you that are aging, chances are you already look at their hands, neck and lip area to asses how "old" they really are.

So, what to do? Is there a product out there that has proven ingredients and doesn't cost $40 for an anti-aging lip product? Actually, very soon you'll be able to get a great anti-aging product for less than $3 at pretty much any corner drugstore.

Blistex's Deep Renewal has a few different ways that it helps fight aging:
• Coenzyme Q10: as an anti-oxidant you aren't likely to see immediate effects, however with time it will help protect your lips from loss of elasticity and firmness. Think of this as prevention for aging, rather than treatment of aging.

• Hyaluronic Spheres: Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient that I feel is in pretty much any product I write about. This ingredient binds to water (if I remember correctly from med school, it can bind to about 10x it's weight in water) and can really hold that moisture to the surface of the skin. It's much too large to actually penetrate into your skin, but all this added moisturization to the skin's surface can definitely help to plump up your skin's surface.

Light Refractors:Obviously, make the lips a bit more shiny but without being glittery, and attempt to make issues in your lips less obvious.

So, now that you know what the product does, is it worthwhile? I really love using it actually. It is smooth and feels very hydrating on my lips, creates a nice level of shine without being overwhelming, and isn't at all sticky. It has a nice sweet taste that I can't really describe in any more detail, but it doesn't gross me out or compel me to lick the product off of my lips.

I've been carrying my tube of this all over the place with me, and I'm planning to pick more up once it is available in early October.



  1. I love lip balms & glosses - can't wait till this one is available at stores!

  2. Great read. Thanks for the detailed review.

  3. what are the active sunscreen ingredients?

  4. I bought the Blistex's Deep Renewal a few days ago from Target, and it is GREAT! My lips not only feel better, they actually are better. They were somewhat red and not completely smooth, but since I bought it this last weekend, they are almost 90% improved.
    It a remarkable product.

  5. I've been testing this one out too and I LOVE it. It smells fantastic!

  6. I was just looking for a good lipbalm! What would you recommend for nightime?

  7. I like this but it's not as moisturizing for me as other Blistex products. I haven't used it long enough to see a difference yet. I bought mine beginning of September in CVS and now have seen it all over NJ drug stores.

    It took me a long time to figure out the flavor but now I finally remembered a Christmas edition white-chocolate mint lip balm from Avon that tasted similar. Very nice.


  8. i love this! my lips look and feel so much better now!

  9. I have used Blistex Deep Renewal for a few days and it is the worst thing I ever did! At first I thought I liked it but the more chapped my lips felt the more I put on. I really didn't give it much thought about how much dryer my lips were feeling. I thought maybe it was something I ate or being out in the sun, etc. But I woke up with my lips swelled, they feel horrible and I have to be extremely careful of flossing my teeth to smiling in fear that they will crack! I have to be very careful on what I eat because the food burns so bad! Even non spicy food feels like my lips are on fire. Be very careful when using this. Pay close attention on any changes in your lips because I never gave it a thought why my lips were so swelled and irritated. I only hope that my lips will go back to normal in the next couple of days.

  10. It sounds like you're having an allergic reaction, I suggest talking to your doctor about this?


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