Prescriptives is Daring, Fall 2008

Prescriptives, fall 2008 makeup
Recently I showed you a sneak preview of Prescriptive's Fall 2008 Collection. The initial color descriptions and colors were just beautiful, but I can tell you after seeing this collection in person that it is fantastic!

Fall Dimensions for Cheeks and Eyes
This is a great way to improve your complexion as your tan fades and that bronzer suddenly looks too "bronze." There are two light wedges of tan with shimmer, 1 light rose shade and a brown for your eyes. Swirl the tan together with the rose to brighten your face. Use the rose or tan alone as a highlighter. The three wedges all have just a little bit of shimmer and are definitely sheer enough to be used this way. The brown is warm and just a bit sheer, making it perfect to combine with other eye shadows as we transition to fall.

Fall Dimensions Eye Color Quad
There are a few eye quads, and I have a feeling that the Limited Edition Cobalt in this one will make it very popular!

You can see from these swatches that the Cobalt is a bit smokey, making it more flattering than a plain navy blue shadow. Pongee and Relic are both nice basics to have around for fall, while the bronze shimmer in Malt Sparkle (hard to see here, but trust me, it's there) is just amazing!

Sparkle Eye Pencil and Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara
The eye pencil (here in Plum Sparks) and mascara (in plum) while similar to their regular collection counterparts are particular standouts that are easy to miss. I tried taking regular pictures of these while I was wearing them, but they didn't show up well. You can really see their pretty plum color (and the sparkle) here in these swatch pictures.

Now, don't be afraid of these colors, they don't scream "I'm wearing Plum Mascara!" when you wear them, but they are a nice little kick of color! They are more subtle, have a nice richness and I think can really bring out brown eyes.

This collection is available in August at Prescriptives Counters and


Beauty or Bust said...

Nice sneak preview! thanks for a great blog!

Beauty or Bust said...

Love the sneak preview - thanks for keeping us up-to-date!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

I want that quad! I feel you, my pics never show color well, my videos always show the color better:)

Asta said...

Oooh plum mascara. I'm going to have to grab that to go with my brown eyes.

tokyostargirl said...

Have you ever tried their magic powder? I love it!

Linda said...

Truly am enjoying reading your blog and getting this previews. I may have walked right on by the Prescriptives counter but now I may stop and take a look!

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