MAC Cherry Lips

MAC Cult of Cherry, Lip, swatch
MAC Cult of Cherry, Lip, swatch
MAC Cult of Cherries Mattene in Kirsh
I was surprised by the wearability of this color. In person (unless you're in bright, direct, Southern California sun) it really does appear black in the tube.

I was surprised to see that in a swatch it is actually more of a deep berry-purple the is somewhat translucent. This makes it much easier to wear, and it makes me really wish that I lived in a climate with more than 1.5 seasons (the summer and slightly cooler summer we have here in So Cal). I want to wear this lippie in cool, crisp weather with leaves crunching under my feet!

MAC Cult of Cherry Lipstick in Créme Cerise and So Scarlet
I had thought that that both of these colors would be very different from looking at them in their tubes. Oh, I was wrong!

Créme Cerise is a light warm nude that will be the perfect neutral for many women this fall. It has just a hint of shimmer and definitely reminds me of Créme Brulé topping!

So Scarlet is a translucent bright red with a definitely pink tone. It's a bit too bright for my pale skin, but I can only image what a great pop of color this would be on someone who is African American- amazing!

MAC Cult of Cherry, Lip, swatch
MAC Cult of Cherry, Lip, swatch
Cult of Cherry Lip Glass in Jampacked
It seems like every fall we have the return of the berry lip, and each year the tones are more wearable. But, like Kristen over at the Beauty Addict, this is one that I'm going to have problems wearing.

In the tube it is indeed incredibly dark and intimidating. You can see the beautiful berry tone and shimmer in my swatch sample. It's one that I can apply carefully with a mirror, but for pale girls like me, this is not a lip glass that I'll be able to apply "on the fly" without a mirror.

However, it is the perfect berry for fall.

MAC's Cult of Cherry is available now!


  1. I ordered Jampacked on Friday- looks gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for posting swatches! Alot more sheer than I imagined which I'm loving!

  3. Great pics! I have So many dupes for this collection! I'm excited about it. LOL! I love your watermark too:)

  4. Kirsh looks like Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black it!

  5. You're a pretty good writer you should consider other topics. MacUp is cool n all, I am a self proclaimed girlie girl, but serious issues need good writers.

  6. BP- I agree, they are definitely much more sheer than I thought they would be, which I think will help a lot of people wear them more often!

    Tammy- It does! I've been meaning to swatch the 2 together, I'll try to do that this weekend.

    Tyra- Thanks for thinking I'm a good writer! This is actually a hobby for me, I'm not a professional writer. I'm a product lover that needs light and fluffy material to keep my mind off of my day job, where I spend all day saving the lives of dying young children (really, I do). So, given how serious my day job is, I like to think about things like skin care, mascara and lip gloss at night! I write this blog while watching tv with my hubby. :D

  7. "jampacked" sorta scared me off too. instead, i got the lipglasses in "liqueur," which i totally love, and have put "rich & ripe" on my wishlist. !!!


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