How Natural Can Medium Coverage Look? Cover Girl's Aquasmooth Compact Foundation

cover girl smoothers foundation
I'm trying to figure out why Cover Girl calls this foundation appropriate for "drier skin." I think it must be the Aquacurrents in this product, though I have to admit that I've been using it for about 10 days now on my combination skin and have absolutely fallen in love!

This foundation comes in a semi-solid compact with a small sponge to apply. I using the sponge dry (when wet it picked up too much foundation, creating a dry/cake-like finish), pick up a small amount of foundation and dot it around my face. I then blend a bit with the sponge (really, I blend for about 10 seconds, I'm not very systematic about it), and then blend for another little bit with a foundation brush. My favorite foundation brush is Billy B's #2, makeup artist Molly Stern recommends Shu #14, both of which have a very similar shape.

After a few small touch-ups with my concealer and a dusting of translucent powder I'm ready to go! The coverage from this foundation is medium, and looks incredibly natural. The foundation dries to more of a powder-like finish and even close up it is very difficult to tell that you are wearing foundation. The coverage lasts all day, is hydrating on my skin but does not turn me into a big greasy mess, and I had no issues with blemishes or clogged pores.

I'll definitely be using this foundation a lot in the future!

CG Smoothers Foundation


  1. I used CG Aquasmooth for a couple of years on and off, but I could never get a color match I was happy with, which makes me sad because it is a truly great product. Sadly, because it is medium coverage, you need a closer color match than with a tinted moisturizer that blends. Did you find a color that owrked on your through trial and error?

  2. The more natural the finsh the more beauty will prevail. Wrong tone and a hurried application can result in disaster.

  3. CG- You definitely need a closer match. I have 2 different shades, and the first one I opened was a perfect match. The other one I haven't even opened yet.

    I remember the days when CG had little 3 packs of samples of foundation that you could buy to find your shade, they were just a few bucks and had 3 very similar shades. I haven't seen them in years, I wish they'd do that again.

    Kat- you're definitely right. This foundation is super easy to get a nice, natural finish with!

  4. I love this foundation, too! It's great. :) I really like the natural finish.

  5. I've been using Aquasmooth for about a year and love it. I was using the Trublend mousse before that and was surprised that although I wore creamy ivory in the mousse foundation, the same shade in Aquasmooth was too dark. I went down to the next lowest shade and have been happy since.

  6. I wasn't thrilled with the CG Smoothers Foundation, mainly because I could not get a color close enough to my natural. I switched to Weightless Foundation by Lauren Hutton, because it comes in different shades depending on your skin tone, I was able to get the right color foundation for my skin. I love this product, it has great coverage, good price, and it stays on all day. Highly recommend it for any and all who are looking for a new foundation.


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