Cover Girl's Amazemint Lip Gloss: Shiny Minty Fresh Lips

amazemint lip gloss, cover girl
The last week or so I am perpetually found with a different Cover Girl Amazemint Gloss in my pocket. I have four different colors (swatches below) and each day I'm having difficulty picking out my shade of the day!

My overall favorite is the 620, which is a bit more sheer with pretty shimmer on my lips, and it is even that perfect color of just a few shades darker than my lips! 630 is a close second. Though it is a bright red in the tube it is actually very sheer pinkish-red and is very subtle.

amazemint lip gloss, cover girl, swatch
The glosses really are amazing. They pack a lot of shine, hydration and no stickiness into this formula. It lasts for a few hours (which I especially love) and best of all is the flavor.

Oh My. These glosses were developed with the people over at Crest, so they are peppermint and I love it! I'm not a big mint or gum person, but I'll use those if needed to freshen up my breath. Now I just use this gloss, which is just as strong as the toothpaste, and really does make me feel like my breath is better.

Now you'll just need to pick a color. Just so you know, I've been told by Molly Stern, that the #660, a light blue color, actually comes across on the lip as clear with just a hint of pretty shimmer.

Cover Girl's Amazemint Lip Gloss


  1. I have several of these and love them as well! Good to know that tidbit about the blue - I was scared by it in the store - but now I might give it a whirl.

  2. I have a few of them too. But unfortunately, an application never lasts for longer than 15-20 minutes! I wonder why you're having better luck with them.

  3. I just bought 2 of these, but haven't tried them yet! I love anything minty so I'm sure I'll love it!

  4. Jaime- Definitely try the blue if you can find it! Truthfully, these have still been sold out all around me, I'm yet to see a non-empty display! Cover Girl sent me the 4 glosses that I have. I'm planning to pick up a few more for sure, and that Blue will be one of them!

    Anon- I'm not sure why I'm having better luck. I definitely make a point of only applying after I eat/drink, and with my job I don't exactly have readily available drink at all times (they aren't allowed in the ICU, so I apply then for a few hours it's still on while I'm working), I wonder if that is part of it? I do have to admit that it takes a LOT of will power to not just lick it all off!

    TSG- You will love them! They are very minty, but not overwhelmingly minty.

  5. @ anon - yeah, i always had a hard time having the lip glosses last on me too. i think all the fun flavors glosses have are part fun, part makeup companies trying to get you to buy more product by going through them quicker. i've noticed the less i smack my lips or rub them together to get a hint of the taste, the longer the gloss/color lasts.


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