Are All Eyeliners Created the Same? Meet Couture Eye Liner from Noir

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You may be like I once was, thinking that all eyeliners are the same. Or even just that all black liners are the same.

Well, you would be wrong.

Noir Cosmetics is out to become THE black eyeliner of choice. I think it shouldn't be too hard after trying out their liners.

Each of Noir's liners is a deep, highly pigmented black. I do think after comparing to a few other brands (I'm not going to mention names, but think of the cosmetic brands I mention here often, that's who I'm talking about) and the Noir eyeliner is definitely darker than pretty much all of them (except for the Max Factor, which is pretty much the same). In addition, all of these liners do last pretty much all day, with the exception of the Long-Wear liner which lasted me a good 18 hours and was still perfect when I was ready to go to bed!

What matters between the pencils is the texture, wear and blendability.

Long-Wear Eyeliner: The name pretty much says it all. Easy to blend and apply, this one is the longest wearing of the bunch.

Smooth Blend Eyeliner: This liner is a bit more gel-like than the other liners, and definitely does go on very smoothly. I think that this liner has a bit less pigment than the others, so I did have to apply a little bit more liner than usual. However, I love that it didn't tug my lid during application and that it has a sponge on the other end to help blend!

Kohl Eyeliner: Perfect for creating a tightly lined lash, I thought that this was the most blendable of the bunch. I liked it alone as well as when used with the Ultra Rich Pencil to really increase the smokey color at my lash line.

Ultra Rich Black Eye Pencil: This pencil is quite a bit thicker than the other pencils and is absolutely perfect for creating a smokey eye. I push it down into the lashes but otherwise just let the line be a bit thick. I then use my finger to blend the liner up into my shadow. A great smokey eye that is perfect for everyday!

Noir also makes eye shadows (check out the Jewel Box Palette, which has some great neutral shades, blends very well and is perfect to create the great looks featured on the Noir site) and Mascara. I loved the liner and shadow, I'll be reviewing their mascara soon!


  1. why do you say you won't mention names? isn't that the whole point of having a beauty blog to compare brands and products. it would have been helpful to say compared to stila or mac or make up forver etc., i am kind of confused as to why you would say you won't mention names. the very essence of such blogs is to compare brands. hmmm *SCRATCHING HEAD*

  2. I'm not mentioning the names because the ones I have at home from those brands were actually not their "normal" black eyeliners. They are limited editions or are now d/c'd. So, I don't think it is fair to the brand to compare against liners that are no longer available, and therefore I don't want to mention them.

    I don't own a Stila eyeliner, only have Tarte in Brown, no EA liners either. Truthfully, I'm talking about the black kohl liners that MAC comes out with during some collections (which when I've tested them against "normal" collection MAC liners are different, even if they just say black), also Cover Girl and L'Oreal.

    I'm not sure that I agree that the very essence of such blogs is to compare brands. I try to offer my opinion on products and explain why some beauty items work, some don't and educate my readers on those things. :D

  3. fair enough, thanks for responding

    love your blog anyway :)


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