Add a Quick Boost to Dry Summer Hair!

Despite your best efforts with the extra conditioners, rinsing of chlorine and sunscreen in your hair, it's that time of year again. The time when your hair has become "Summer Hair", that dried out straw that actually crunches when you touch it.

So, while it's best to attack dry hair from as many different modalities as possible (deep conditioning treatments, trimming off the badly damaged areas), it can be hard to include a leave-in conditioner in this routine. For me, the leave-in conditioners do tend to weigh down my hair, leaving it dirty and greasy looking.

So, while I love Ouidad, I was skeptical that their Botanical Boost would be helpful.

Botanical Boost is a bit of an enigma product to me. Is it a typical leave-in conditioner? Is it a product meant to "refresh" your hair? Is it a detangler? Actually, it is a bit of all three. This is a great spray in product with a light herbal scent (sorry, it's very pleasant and fades quickly, not very easy to describe more specifically than that). I've used it many ways the last few weeks.

As a leave-in conditioner I sprayed it onto my damp hair, combed through and then styled as usual. My hair was a bit shinier and soft, there was no compromise in my volume or ability to style my hair.

I've used it in the middle of the afternoon to freshen up before going out for dinner, for which I flipped over my head and sprayed a light mist throughout before brushing my hair. The result was the loss of a bend in my hair (from my pony tail holder), improved shine and hair that looked freshly styled.

Pretty much, this is a great anytime spray that really helped me out! I'll keep a bottle of this on hand from now on, especially for those mid-afternoon touch ups.


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  1. I am all for keeping the hair in great condition. Dry hair is very unmanagable - but as we are having no summer, no problem with dry hair at the moment


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