Want Jen Aniston's Hair? Meet the Hana 1" Flat Iron!

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Jen Aniston is known for her easy, classic style. While the days of "The Rachel" are long gone, it doesn't stop me from wanting her hair! This summer I've tried countless times to recreate Jen's Beachy Waves, very unsuccessfully. I usually end up with a ponytail for all of my efforts (because that's the style that hides my efforts!)

Then I remembered that recently on StyleBell they featured how to create these beachy waves easily with a flat iron. I think that was my problem, I was attempting these styles with a curling iron! All of my attempts had yielded curls. I was craving waves.

In order to first achieve this look I needed the proper equipment. While I love my Croc 1 1/2" Wet to Dry Flat Iron, it was too wide and didn't have the curved edges that I need to create the curl. So, I needed another ceramic flat iron!

I opted for the Hana Elite Flat Iron, in large part because not only does it have the specifications I need for the waves (1", adjustable heat, curved edges), but it also has an amazing difference in the heating plates. While many irons have heating heaters that only run right down the center of the iron, this iron's heaters are much larger (read more about it on the Hana Site)

Overall, this is a great iron. It has adjustable heat, takes almost no time to get up to full temperature, the cord swivels all over the place so I don't get tangled and it even came with a heat proof mat and a travel case!

After a few trials (and errors) of attempting beachy waves, I finally found this video from You Tube. By following these directions I was finally able to achieve the perfect beachy waves! I'm not quite Jen Aniston, but at least I can have her hair style now!

Hana Elite Flat Iron


  1. If it can get through the thick, curly tumbling mass that is my hair, then more power to it.

  2. thanks for the post! i'm sure i'm not the only one who will find it useful :-)

    i was wondering if it would be polite to the girl who made the youtube video to credit her? just a thought.


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