Secret Clinical Strength: Look, No Sweat Marks!

Secret Clinical Strength, Antiperspirant, deodorant
I know that I've said it on here a few times that Secret doesn't work on me, and now I'm eating my words. For years I used Secret Anti-Perspirant, but about 2 years ago something strange started happening- meaning nothing happened. It stopped working. I could reapply over and over, no luck! So, I switched to Dove and I've been happy ever since. Well, Secret asked if I would be willing to give them another shot with their new product, Clinical Strength.

Does it work? Yes. Does it work better than the Dove? Actually, it does. On "normal" days the Dove does just fine, but there have been some unbearable days here in So Cal (temps near 100). To test out the Secret I actually had a few days of Secret on 1 side with Dove on the other. The result was some sweat on the Dove side and a dry Secret side.

Added bonus: The Clinical Strength is more of a cream that you apply like a solid. It is white in the applicator but does seem to dry clear and I had no problems with white marks on my clothes! (This is unusual for me, by the way. I'm really good at getting deodorant all over my clothes!)

Secret Clinical Strength


  1. This is my deo of choice in summer as well! When I work out, it kinda cracks me up because I am sweating everywhere *except* my armpits.

  2. I was wondering if this works! I sweat more than most girls and I find it really hard to find a deodorant/antiperspirant that will keep me dry. Maybe I'll try this one. Thanks!

  3. I got this for a wedding I was in last summer. The trick is to apply it the night before to seal all the sweat glands (it tells you to do this in the instructions). It still works if you apply in the morning like normal deodorant, just not as well. I highly recommend it!

  4. Dove has a clinical strength product too. Same price, but it may have less deodorant (as it only fills a cylinder within the reg. plastic applicator.)


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