Pür Minerals: Does Mineral Makeup Live Up To The Hype?

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Mineral makeup has a reputation for being fast, easy and creating the appearance of perfect skin. I've never been able to use it though because my super pale complexion has made it basically impossible for me to find a good match. Until now!

It turns out that Pür Minerals does make a match for my skin! I tried out their Starter Kit which includes their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, Mineral Glow and Universal Marble Powder in Pink. They even include the perfect brush!

While it took a few times to get used to applying the foundation, it was actually pretty easy. Simply dip into the palette, swirl in the lid and then brush it on your face. The overall coverage amount is pretty easily determined, simply apply until you are happy. It blends very easily on my face and looks very natural. While Pür says that this product acts as a concealer and powder as well as foundation, I did find that I needed extra coverage with a concealer under my eyes. As well, I tend to be oily in my t-zone and using a translucent powder over the 4-in-1 not only helped a lot with shine, but it also helped the foundation last much longer. With powder it lasted morning to night, without about 5 pm. Strange but true.

The Mineral Glow really is a lightly pigmented matte bronzer, and just a touch of this on my face really helped make me look more awake every day! Followed by a sweep of the Marble Powder (which is actually very lightly pigmented and therefore perfect for using all over your whole face), I still looked like myself but much better! I can definitely get used to this mineral makeup stuff...

Pür Minerals


  1. At Beauty or Bust we love mineral make up, so we are always on the look out for new products. Thanks for posting the great review. I love the site

  2. Mineral Makeup is great... It's the only foundie that doesn't break my face out.

    I will check into Pur Minerals, they sound good!

  3. I love purminerals! I also love Too Faced Cashmere finish foundation. It's so light yet very pigmented. Pur can get a little heavy in the summer with all the Shea Butter in it. Still love though.

  4. After reading your blog bought the Starter Kit tonight-- so glad I read your blog reminding me I wanted to try it for years!

  5. I haven't tried mineral makeup yet, since I'm not the biggest fan of powders...but maybe it's time for me to give it a try!

  6. I have not tried this mineral product, but Bare Minerals I have tried using. I am over 50 and have found that mineral products do not stay on my face long enough, even with a mineral powder, but then the foundation is a powder also. Like you my complexion is pale and their palest shade, left me rather "off color". Not heard of this product but may be something to check out.

  7. I have tried mineral make up and I really love it!!! They are good for my skin and I see the results. But I have to admit that I canàt get a high coverage even if I continue to practice...any tips?



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