My Latest Fragrance Crush: St. John's Signature Eau de Parfum

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The other day during my emergency trip to buy Bobbi Brown items, I wandered around Nordies Beauty Department. I don't usually wander there (I prefer Bloomies), but I was at Nordies because BB is much larger there, so I decided to check out the "previews" available of the Anniversary Sale items (many are to die for!)

Smack in the middle of the department was a tester of St. John's new perfume. I love the St. John's ads with Angie, the Old Hollywood Glamour and all, so I took a chance and spritzed some on.

OH MY GOD..... It is amazing. It is sweet and fruity but not overwhelming, it definitely made me feel glamorous and beautiful! I know it must be mine. I will buy it soon! First, I just need to find out where to buy it at Nordies, no one seemed to know at any of the counters (including the perfume area).....

Notes: Tangerine, marigold, freesia, white rose, night blooming jasmine, apricot, sandalwood, vanilla and amber


  1. This sounds like what I am looking for. After my yoga classes I enjoy the sauna and more so freshening up the body with smellies.

  2. Just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. I, too, am a doc, 2nd yr peds res. Sometimes, it seems like if you're an MD, you're not supposed to care about makeup, fragrance, fashion, etc. Too superficial. Whatever. It's nice to see someone else shares my devotion to combining beauty and brains. Know of any blogs dedicated to surviving residency as a girly-girl (a.k.a. makeup that survives call, how to avoid gaining 20 lbs a year, and keeping the undereye bags and dark circles at bay)?

  3. Kath- You really should check it out! I'm really craving this scent again, I probably need to head back to the mall soon to pick up a bottle!

    Hi Mollie! I really don't know of a blog about surviving residency, but I do know that there are a lot of "medical" blogs written by docs and there has to be one like that. I'm mostly familiar with Beauty & Fashion Blogs, and then I only know of 1 other beauty blogging doc.

    I did write this post last year about what I bring with me on-call and such.

    To survive my peds residency (I'm a PGY6 fellow now) I tended to veer towards the healthier options in the cafeteria when possible, I carried a LOT of water bottles around with me while on call (otherwise I would tend to drink about 20 very tiny juice boxes a call night), and I also tried to eat a snack somewhere around midnight or so, usually something with some protein like nuts or peanut butter sandwiches.

    I do test a lot of my makeup options while on call, I'm having great luck right now with Tarte's Eraser concealer, Benetint is great (they just come out with a lighter pink version that I still need to pick up) and Max Factor's Volume Couture is the longest lasting mascara yet! Tarte also just came out with a 4day mascara that I've just started using a few days ago, it looks incredibly promising so far.

    I hope all of that helps! As far as being too superficial to care about this stuff, I do agree with you. There's a reason that this blog is a secret from everyone that I work with! But, I find that having something light and fluffy to distract me really helps with the sadness of being an ICU fellow. :D

  4. I hated it!! It was too strong and smelled cheap and generic!

  5. I'm a law firm lawyer, we're not supposed to care either....

    love the blog.

  6. Anon- Well, fragrance is a personal thing and every scent does change based on a person's chemistry. That wasn't the case for me, but I hope you find one soon that you love!


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