Sunday, July 20, 2008

MAC's Solar Bits, Flattering Little Bits of Shimmer!

MAC, shimmer, solar bits
Have you purchased your Solar Bits yet?

They're from the Solar Fields Collection that came out recently, and I have to admit that I was a bit afraid of mine at first. They looked big, chunky and way too glittery at first. But, as you can see from the swatch above (that was the best pic I could get of them), my Scatterays were actually a light peach color, they break down into much smaller bits and while shimmer with a bit of glitter they are much more flattering than I thought they were. I'm finding myself adding a few bits to my look almost everyday.

While they're almost completely sold out on-line they're still pretty readily available at MAC counters and stores!

MAC Solar Bits

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ButterflyDiary said...

Oh they leave just the faintest bit of shimmer like a meteorite. Like!

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