MAC's Electroflash: Fast, Easy Eye Shadow!

MAC Electroflash, MAC eye Shadow
Perhaps, like me, you were initially scared off from the new MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadows after the colors looked so bright and just "not you."

Well, lucky you: a lot of people did that because they didn't sell out basically immediately. Even more important: these colors are much more flattering and easy to wear than they appear in the compact. In fact, they are great because they can really help create easy eye looks!

MAC Electroflash, MAC eye Shadow, swatches
A quick glace at these swatches of my 4 Electroflash shades and you can see that especially the "mixed" side of the shadow is much more flattering than they appear. (Click to enlarge both images)

For me, I've been using these shadows very frequently, especially Love Connection. Love Connection is a beautiful light pink with some gold/coppery shimmer. It's great on it's own as an eye look. I use the shimmery pink side all over my lid and up into the crease, blending up beyond that. I might add some of the gold on to the lower half of my lid or perhaps into the crease. Even without adding the gold the pink shimmer side has enough depth to be left alone. A quick brown eye liner, some mascara and I'm done!

Fresh Green Mix is great as an accent color on my lid (I use a light brown/taupe and then the mixed side as a highlight in the center of my lid or on the inner half of the lid). The mixed side of Odd Couple I'm using very similarly to Love Connection (I'm accenting it with the gold from Love Connection as well). I'll be using the purple side as an accent color, perhaps along my lower lash line, once it hits fall. I have to admit that I haven't really been using Sea & Sky, but I'm not really a blue eye shadow girl. I have a feeling that my sister will know what to do with it though.

MAC Electroflash Eye Shadows


  1. I can't wait to try these. Love Connection and Fresh Green are so beautiful.

  2. i rocked the Sea&Sky wednesday night @ Legendary Bingo. leave the blues to the drag queens ;)
    crazy bout them snails too. one of those "huh. didn't know that" moments.

  3. I'd love to see how you rocked it, I bet it did look great! The purple in Odd Couple would also work great on you. I'm using planning to use it just as a little pop of color under my eye or on my lid, but not even the whole lid. I'm a white girl from the Midwest, I'm not really sassy enough to pull off more than that!

    It's amazing the crazy things you learn while listening to NPR. Here I am on the 405, just wanting to hear the traffic because Big Boy now refuses to mention it (must buy myself one of those GPS traffic things), and I get to learn about snails.


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