Luv 4 Country Soaps: The Best Body Butter EVER!

body butter
While it's great to support small businesses, I think it's especially great to support them and yell from the roof tops about them when you love their products! So, pay attention people, I love this stuff and I'm yelling!

This body butter is quite frankly amazing. Seriously, it is to die for! I am in serious love. This is most definitely a holy grail body butter! I am carrying it with me everywhere (really, go look in my bag right now) and using small tiny rations of it frequently because I am at once addicted to it, but also afraid to run out!

This is a heavy duty body butter. It comes in a little tub and has an amazing consistency! It is a bit spongy but also heavy (it reminds me a lot of whipped cream cheese if that makes sense), but when you dip your fingers in the body butter melts into a thick lotion! It feels amazing as it sinks in, feels incredibly hydrating and leave no greasiness behind like a lot of body butters. Plus, it has an amazing grapefruit and pomegranate (more pomegranate) scent that I love!

Sweet and Silky Body Butter

hand made soap
Luv 4 Country Soaps also makes... soap! Imagine that! They have a huge array of different soaps. I have the Berry Nice scent (it's more green and purple swirls, like the one on the bottom here), which smells like blackberries! There are about 40 options for soaps, all of which have different looks and are handmade.

While this is great soap (nice light lather, cleans nicely, rinses off easily, leaves faint traces of the scent behind on your hands which I love, plus the bar is pretty huge), I think it is actually perfect for in the guest bathroom to look pretty. You know that soap that sits there and is so pretty that you don't want to use it? And then when you do it's like a little treat to yourself because it's so great? Yeah, this is that soap! So, pick out a scent as a little treat for yourself, then actually use it.

Berry Nice Soap


  1. You're making me want that body butter!!

  2. Thank you SO much Christine! ;) It's a wonderful review, and I am so glad that you are enjoying the Body Butter so much.

  3. Mmm! Grapefruit and pomegranate sound delish! Gotta try this!

  4. You might also want to check out Lush -their stuff is pretty damn amazing.

  5. A girlfriend of mine from the forum started her own natural skincare If you like thick body butters, I suggest you try hers! And yay for small businesses!

  6. Lush's products are mass produced, unlike handmade soaps. ;)


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