Kiehl's New Brightening Products

Kiehl's has just released two more products in their very popular Brightening Collection!

Brightening Botanical Hydrating Mask
• With Vitamin C, Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate, and White Flower Extracts
• Alcohol-free formulation with the highest concentration of Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate
• A hydrating full-facial treatment that provides a sensorial experience, leaving complexion more translucent, fresh and luminous

Brightening Botanical Spot Treatment
• With Ellagic Acid, Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate, and White Flower Extracts
• Concentrated treatment with Ellagic Acid boosts the intensity of the Kiehl’s Bright™ regimen
• May be used on targeted spots or all over the face, as often as needed

It appears to me that these are likely the most lightening of the products in this line, so I do want to offer a few words of caution. While a cosmetic product can only "brighten" your complexion (only a drug can claim to "lighten" the skin), these products can still be fairly powerful. The brightening will take place where you apply the product, and depending on the area pigmentation may change at different rates. Generally hyperpigmented areas can take longer, so be especially careful with those areas! You could end up with a lighter surrounding area, making more of a contrast, which means your hyperpigmentation could be more obvious for a time.

But, if you want to have an overall brighter complexion, these might be the products for you!


  1. Question for you Christine - I'm not quite sure what brightening actually means. I have a pretty even skin tone, and have a medium fair complexion - except for my cheeks - which are very ruddy. Would this type of product even that out, or is this meant for people that are a bit darker than me? I just ask because I love Kiehl's, and if this would get rid of my ruddy cheeks then I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  2. Hi Jaime!
    This collection is meant for those might might have some slight hyperpigmentation or splotchiness issues. If you're ruddy, to me that means you have some redness, in which case something like PCA Skin Care's AntiRedness Serum will probably help you out more. :D

  3. Thanks so much! Redness is definitely what I meant. I'll give PCA's serum a try - I'd never heard of it before!! :)

  4. Hyperpigmentation is the thorn in my side. Each side of my face is completely covered from ear to nose.

    Ideas on products that can help?

    I am currently alternating Avon's Microdermabrasion with their Glycolic pads and then I use the Banishing day (with SPF) and night cream.


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