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Recently I discussed my hair drying technique and you probably noticed that I use a couple of different brushes throughout my drying process. Why? Because the different shapes of the brushes really do give them different uses.

Recently I replaced my old brush (which was some $5 drug store brush from about.... 7 years ago) with these new brushes from FHI Heat, and the results are just amazing!

FHI makes a big deal of talking about how these brushes contain "tourmaline, which creates negative ions. The negative ionization seals the hair cuticle, especially in the presence of heat, locking moisture into the follicle and resulting in strong, supple, glossy hair." Now, I'm not sure about all that (though it sounds nice to me!), but I still love these brushes!

Les Haverty, Artistic Director of FHI explained why you should have different shapes of brushes. “I reach for the Round brush when I want to blow-dry volume into the hair, and when I want to shape a really concise design, like a flip or a tuck,” he says. “I use the Paddlebrush for detangling damp or dry hair, and also when I want to create a sleeker style a bit closer to the head. The Cushion brush has curved corners, so it’s really great for maneuvering and finishing off the design with holding spray.”

They are light weight plastic, they have nicely shaped "ergonomically correct" handles and they're even anti-bacterial and heat-resistant. The brushes are very easy to find at salons and specialty stores such as ULTA. Plus, they're a bargain at $19.99 each!

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