Fast and Easy Way to a Brighter Smile! Rembrandt's Intense Stain Toothpaste

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I have pretty white teeth. They aren't super bright (and actually, when you compare them to the whitening-addicted people that surround me here in Orange County, I really don't have white teeth), they're just naturally pretty white. I do have a few slightly stained areas owing to my coffee addiction.

I hate using actual teeth whitening products. The trays, the paint on products (which I've talked about on here even), strips, all that. Why? After about 2-3 uses I get very sensitive teeth and I really just can't take it any more (ok, maybe that paint on stuff didn't really make my teeth sensitive, but I only used it about 4 times and then I was happy with the color).

When I go to my dentist and he likes to compare my teeth to his little shade chart every time (really) and tell you do not use those things! He says my teeth are perfect. And this from a guy that offers Zoom in his office. He doesn't even try to sell me on Zoom. Actually, last time he volunteered that he would not offer me Zoom without me even asking.

So, here I am, someone with nice teeth, whose dentist won't even try to sell her Zoom. But I have a few stains that drive me crazy. But my teeth are too sensitive for most at home whitening products.

So, I decided to give this new Rembrandt toothpaste a shot. It sounds like a normal toothpaste except that it has a few extra whitening products in it as well as some things to "polish" your teeth (sounds like exfoliation to me!) Anyways, I thought that likely the fastest and least sensitivity inducing way to take care of my tooth stains was to just change out my regular toothpaste to this one. That means so extra time each day, just grabbing a different tube out of my medicine cabinet!

It's pretty nice toothpaste. It does feel a tad "gritty" compared to my normal Crest. It's also a bit less minty and doesn't create as much foam. Note that the foam really doesn't mean anything, but I personally like it. So, after a few days I was missing my foam so I put a normal amount of Rembrandt on my toothbrush with just a tiny bit of Crest. I'm a foam lover!

So, after about a week or so of use, I do think I see a difference. My teeth aren't shockingly white (a look I was trying to avoid), but I do have more uniform whiteness on my teeth. So, my coffee stains are gone!

I'm not sure that I'd use this as my everyday toothpaste, but I'm definitely keeping it in my medicine cabinet to use for a week here and there when the coffee stains come back!

Rembrandt's Intense Stain Toothpaste


  1. my kids like the falvor of this toothpaste. that's a good thing...LOL!

    btw, i have nominated you for a Brilliante Award! details are on my blog :)

  2. Have you tried Crest Vivid White? I just started with that and they have one for day that whitens and cleans and one for night which whitens and "lifts stains" so they can be "brushed away in the morning".

    I'm not sure how necessary or critical it is that you have both the day and night pastes...probably makes no difference so for now I'm using the "night" paste and we'll see how well it works.

  3. I love this toothpaste since I drink coffee and sodas daily. I discovered it about 2 months ago and really do notice a difference.

  4. Thanks for reviewing this tooth paste, I wanna give it a try. I normally prefer vanilla mint whitening tooth paste.

  5. I'll try this. I also got horrendous tooth sensitivity using the White & Brite (or Brite & White, whatever) trays and cannot bear to go back to them (and not be able to eat, drink, or let air pass over my teeth). There has to be a better way!!


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