Blow NYC, Can A Wavy Hair Girl Actually Look Good?

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Recently I've been wearing my hair wavy more often. Why? I finally have a way to wear my hair wavy that looks decent!

Let me explain. I have what a friend of mine calls "Trash Waves", meaning hair that is wavy enough to not be straight but not wavy enough to be pretty (she has the same issue). So, both of us end up straightening our hair each day. I've tried a lot of different styling products meant for curly hair girls in an effort to create pretty waves, but my lack of success really hasn't been worth mentioning here.

So, I was interested in trying out these new products from Blow, a great salon in New York that specializes in the blow out!

The Wave Maker is a light lotion with a faint floral scent. I apply about a blueberry sized amount to my palm and rub through wet hair, comb through and then scrunch up. I've been drying my hair with a diffuser most days but this works great with air drying as well! Once dry I've then spray in the Beach Blow, twist my hair with my fingers to create more waves and that's it!

Perfect waves that last all day, not a curling iron in sight!

Blow NY


  1. Would this work for pin straight hair? Like Jenn Aniston's? I've wanted waves but hated the thought of putting so much time into it...

  2. Ooh! This looks great! I have "trash waves" too and I'm always looking for a way to make them look good (who wants to blow dry/straighten every day?).

  3. Butterfly Diary-
    I think it wouldn't make you wavy right away, but the company does describe drying your hair and then doing a twisty motion to help create more waves. I'm not a very talented person with my diffuser so I haven't gotten this motion down yet. So maybe with the motion you could do it!

    Crystal- I agree! I can't tell you how many "curly hair" products I have upstairs in my beauty closet right now that didn't do anything except make my hair sticky. I was so happy to find a product that not only worked but also kept my hair touchable and soft!

  4. Christine! I'm sorry i dont have a blogspot account so i have to put this as anonymous but im not trying to be a creeper! haha.
    my MAIN question is this: do you wash your hair everyday?? Do you know if washing your hair every day is bad for your hair? I asked my dermatologist and she said no, she also washes her hair every day, but i still get the feeling that washing your hair every day + blowdrying dries it out and thus contributes to hair loss..? my main concern here is hair loss.
    ALSO I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! I'm sure you hear that a lot..but I am beauty obsessed and read around 20+ blogs a day and yours is my favorite. You pay so much attention to detail and really take the time to learn about the science behind everything. You inspire me a lot. I want to be a doctor too! (I just graduated highschool and am going to college in the fall).
    Anyways, I'm sorry for the long comment, but I hope you can answer my question! Thank you so much for writing such an excellent blog! xoxo

  5. Anon!
    You're not being creepy! I do get told sometimes that people like my blog, and quite frankly it always amazes me! I'm not sure why people would care so much what I of all people think about a shampoo or other products. :D

    Honestly, I wash my hair on days that I'm not being lazy! This ends up being about 5-7 days a week, and I never miss more than 1 day in a row. I actually have some eczema in my scalp (nope, not dandruff, I only respond to steroids and such), and I need to wash frequently just to keep the itching and rashing to a minimum. If I miss a few days in a row I end up need to apply Hydrocortisone to my head!

    Your derm is right, in theory washing your hair every day shouldn't harm it or increase hair loss. Most shampoos (even the "harsh" ones) are much more gentle now than they were even 10-15 years ago. This means that little damage is done to the hair.

    What does do damage to the hair shaft is the things we do to style our hair, especially anything involving heat. Even more so if there is excessive heat, or damp hair! Imagine the water within your hair, hiding under all those little scales of the hair shaft. Put that hair into a 420 degree flat iron and the water turns to steam, forcing the scales up and out and causing some real damage to the hair.

    In terms of hair loss, everyone loses about 50-100 hairs a day, and those of us with super thick hair (like me) probably lose even more than that. Washing your hair won't make them more likely to fall out, but it's likely that most of them fall out when you do wash your hair. (go look for my post on the no no in which I discuss the hair cycle, it might make a bit more sense.) the hair is already detached from the follicle and waiting to fall out. It can do it there in the shower or later when you're eating dinner, it's just more likely in the shower. The hair cycle is completely unaffected by things like washing, styling, etc. It is affected by genes, age, hormones, medications, nutrition, etc.

    Here's a great post from the derm blog

    I hope that those rambles answer your question! Thanks for reading and good luck with deciding about med school! It's a huge time commitment and a lot of hard work, but I'm very happy in my job.


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