White Sands Stuck Up Hair Spray, Great Hold That Is Combable!

white sands hair, hair sprayYes, that word is Comb-able. I don't know if that's a real word or even how you spell it, but really that is the word that I'm making up and using now! And yes, I really am using it in my description of a hair spray.

Most of us likely haven't used hair spray since the early 1990's (admit it, there was a bit of 80's hair that held over into the 90's), that was the time that you likely used either Aqua Net or Paul Mitchell. In those days hair sprays were very tough, industrial strength things that gave everyone slightly sticky but immovable hair.

I have to admit that I received a PR e-mail about this hair spray and requested a sample because the description of the product just sounded way too good to be true. What did they say? "Stuck Up is the first mega hold spray of its kind, offering maximum staying power, volume, thermal intelligence, and the ability to comb through the hair after each styling. These unique features allow for unsurpassed holding power and volume control without product buildup." Well, they weren't lying!

This hair spray really is unique. It comes in the same giant metal spray can, but I'm not even sure that I'd say this is a hair spray! It smells like fruit (I can't decide if it is more peach or apricot, but it definitely doesn't smell like chemicals). It really does a great job of holding my hair all day long but is very touchable without any stickiness! I love using it before my flat iron because it seems to make my hair shinier (how? I'm not sure) and does help to keep the frizz down. And that whole "comb-able" thing? It's true!

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