Tarte's Eraser, A Super Pigmented Concealer!

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I have a "friend" on my face that I must deal with each day. This friend has been there since elementary school (you can see it in pictures from about age 9), and I hate it! The friend is a capillary right underneath my right eye, and it is frequently mistaken for an eyelash. I've tried pretty much every concealer known to man in my attempts to keep it covered up, though I admit that even my usual choice of Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer usually isn't pigmented enough to really be considered successful.

So, in search of an answer I asked my friend Elke (yes, the professional makeup artist, founder of the Beauty Blog Network and soon to be brow guru) what her recommendation would be for my problem. Without a second thought she said "Tarte! Their concealer is absurdly pigmented, it is exactly what you need!"

So, off to Sephora I went!

The Eraser comes in a pretty good selection of shades for us pale girls. I ended up with Fair, the lightest color. It's a perfect match for my skin. I love that this concealer comes in a very portable brush, I only need 1 click of the handle to get the perfect amount of concealer. (Though, I do have to admit that this design also worries me a bit since I have no idea how much is left, I'm now living in fear that I'll suddenly run out!)

The Eraser really does live up to the hype that Elke gave it. It's very pigmented but easily blended and lasts forever. Which means that my capillary is now covered up perfectly well into the night!

Tarte The Eraser


  1. I'm sold! Between your pale skin and the confidence I have in you and Elke, I'm so Tarte Eraser.

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for introducing the eraser, true that even i have found no success with most of the items available in market.
    anyways thanks for the info about this product


  3. I bet you can take it apart ,much like the Urban Decay Primer Potion and put what remains into another container.Just a thought.

  4. I think tarte's The Eraser concealer is a great product, but do not like the click pen container at all, very messy! I would prefer this product in a tube, or possibly a sponge wand applicator.

    I big time heart tarte though, wonderful review!


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