Spinlash: Does That Gizmo Actually Work?

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I know you've seen this item at stores. The Spinlash first popped up at my local Target a few months ago, and at first I just wrote it off as a gimmick. Then I started seeing very positive reviews of it all over the place! I had friends raving about it. I knew I had to try it out for myself, so when offered that opportunity I jumped at the chance.

So, how does it work? Very simple. The brush is a molded plastic similar to many other mass market brands such as Cover Girl and Max Factor. You put the mascara on the brush (you can use the mascara which comes with the Spinlash or your own), put the brush up to your lashes and hit the button. The brush starts to spin slowly as you pull the brush up to the tip of your lashes. It will separate the lashes pretty well on it's own.

So, first I'll discuss the mascara. While I had initially planned to take my usual mascara "before and after" pictures I soon realized that this mascara was simply not worth the effort. Truly, I did not like this mascara at all. It's very watery, did not lengthen or volumize my lashes at all and lost all curl very quickly. It was truly disappointing.

The good news is that you can use the Spinlash with your own mascara! I chose Cover Girl's Lash Blash (I figured it would be a good idea to try out a mascara that is already used with a molded plastic brush, plus it was in my drawer already). The Spinlash did not fit very easily into mine and I had to wash the Spinlash off afterwards which was a bit of a pain. I first curled my lashes (others have mentioned something about the Spinlash curling the lashes which was not my experience), the dipped the Spinlash into my mascara to apply it. I very slowly pulled the Spinlash through my lashes as it spun very slowly.

The results were nice, the Spinlash definitely straightens out any clumps in the mascara and helps to make lashes less spidery. It didn't add to any lengthening/thickening beyond what I usually achieve with Lash Blast, though I truthfully spend a lot of time with my mascara wand to achieve non-spidery lashes. The Spinlash was faster than my usual application and I simply washed off the brush with a bit of soap and water (careful- this unit is not waterproof!)

Overall I think that this product is good for those that have problems achieving non-spidery/clumpy lashes. It's a fun gimmick that might not be for everyone, but it does deliver what it promises.

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  1. From what I recall, you're not supposed to dip the spinlash wand into your mascara tube if you don't use the mascara that it comes with. You're supposed to apply your mascara as usual, then use the spinlash wand to separate/define lashes and eliminate clumps.


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