Schick Quattro Razor: Can 4 Blades Work as Well as 5?

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A few months ago I tried out Gillette's Venus Embrace Razor with five blades. While I liked the close shave, I only noticed a difference in my legs while still wet, in the shower. In addition, I found the large head a bit unwieldy for shaving tighter areas such as my underarms. So, I jumped at the chance to try out the other new(ish) razor on the market, Schick's Quattro.

I was rather scientific about this, once again using one leg for the "new" Quattro for a week and the other leg I used my Venus Embrace. How did the razors fair? I honestly couldn't tell the difference in smoothness in the shower, once out of the shower or in terms of hair regrowth. The four blades worked just as well as five.

Where I could tell the difference was in the shaving experience. The Quattro is definitely heavier duty than the Venus, with it's metal handle and no-slip grip. There are also conditioning strips on the head of the Quattro, but since they are much smaller than on the Venus Embrace the end result is not an unwieldy razor. Instead, the head is small and pivots well enabling me to easily shave in difficult areas.

So, which will I be buying again? Honestly, whichever razor heads are on sale. But, if the price is the same I'd opt for the smaller heads of the Quattro.

Schick Quattro for Women Razor


  1. Such good timing that you wrote this post. After using the Quattro since it came out, I decided to give the new Venus one a go [it was on sale, haha] and oh boy, as soon as I'm done with the Venus I'm going straight back to the Quattro! The shave was so much better, it never nicked or cut me [first time with the Venus I cut my upper thigh! that's never happened before], and I enjoy my razor having a weight to it and not feeling like it's about to break.

    I don't understand everyones obsession with the Venus razor, all of my friends use it and rave about it.

  2. as long as you wind up smooth, it's all good.


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