Neutrogena's Skin ID: A Great Way to Help Your Acne

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Acne can be frustrating, particularly when all the treatments you try don't seem to work. Some products don't work for you, some might work but can be so drying that you feel as though your skin is peeling off..... I could go on and on.

A new revolution in Acne care is coming! Neutrogena has developed Skin ID, a very personalized way to treat acne. You simply go to the website and answer a variety of questions including where your face is rough, what type of acne you suffer from and even how much sleep you get each night. At the end you get a personalized regimen just for you!

Why try yet another acne product? Because this one works. It's that simple.

They truly did the "gold standard" medical testing to prove it, which is a "randomized, double-blind trial." That means they randomly assigned patients to either the thing they are interested in (the Skin ID collection), or a placebo (in this case there are 2 groups they compared to, ProActiv and a Placebo that had no active ingredients). The patients were given the products to use in unmarked containers and then were evaluated at regular intervals by dermatologists. Neither the patients or the researchers/dermatologists knew what each patient was on (that's the double blind part). Patients were scored based on things like "Reduction in Total Acne" and "Severity of Emerging Pimples." You can see the results graphs, though I'm a bit curious about all of their other results.

It does seem that Skin ID work!

An intro Skin ID kit (with 3 products that fit your profile) is only $39.95, quite a bit cheaper than a trip to the dermatologist. Consider trying it out!


  1. I'm curious to know what your heading-to-work routine is, from face wash and moisturizer to makeup. Would you please share a Day in the Life?

  2. This sounds like a great idea!! About time someone came up with


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