L'Oreal's Infallible Lip Gloss: Is 6 Hour Gloss Possible?

I love gloss. I have to always have something shiny and hydrating on my lips, and to keep it there I will carry huge numbers of lip glosses around with me at all times. But, if a 6 hours lip gloss really is available, then I could probably reduce myself to just carrying in my bag at all times, rather than in my bag and my pockets!

So, does this gloss live up to a full 6 hours? I didn't get 6 hours worth of wear, but I was getting 4-5 hours of shine, hydration and color! That's quite a bit more than other glosses. Obviously this product doesn't last through meals and drinks, but it does perform better than pretty much any other gloss in those situations. It smells a bit sweet, has no flavor and isn't sticky to boot.

I have color #125, Bloom which is a very universally flattering rosy pink color with faint shimmer. It was given to all of the bloggers on the Total Beauty tour in LA, which means that as we were walking out of the store about 15 bloggers found it in their bags at the same time and immediately applied it. Literally, we were all putting on this color. We were a very diverse crew of different ethnicities and skin tones, this color worked on all of us!

I'll be buying more of this gloss. If you're pressed for time like me consider checking out this gloss!

Infallible Lip Gloss
Image: L'Oreal


  1. How funny, I just picked up some of this gloss the other day! I didn't LOVE it..it smelled a little icky and lasted maybe an hour an a half for me.

  2. I love this gloss, I have it in three colors and it is fab, I just wish it had SPF 15 - I am never satisfied :)

  3. I never go out any where without lip gloss - so if this works for 4 to 5 hours then that is great. It will save me a lot of time where most of my nights out are spent in the loo touching up.

  4. I recently swore off drugstore glosses because of their mostly sheer color and short lifespan. However, I recently bought this on a whim- and WOW! It lasts for ages! The colors are still a little too sheer for me, but Posy is a very interesting cool, pale berry-pink that I love with a dark gray smokey eye.

  5. Will it still wear for as long if I applied my Blistex SPF 30 lipchap on underneath? I know it's not smart to wear lipgloss without some SPF because the gloss attracts the sun. Although if it's a bit pigmented, it'll help with detracting the sun.

  6. Tara- I'm not sure how it will affect wear but give it a shot! I was at an event once and one of the national makeup artists for Becca Cosmetics was raving about Burt's Bees lip balm as "glue" for lip gloss. She applies, blots, lets it dry for a minute or two, and the gloss applied over it lasts much longer. Burt's doesn't have a great SPF balm, and you don't want to blot the blistex too much as then you'd be taking away most of your SPF, but let me know how it works!


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