Sunday, June 22, 2008

InStyle's Celeb Makeup Match!

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I absolutely love InStyle. Why? Because they are constantly feeding into my celeb addiction. My latest enabler? Their Celeb Makeup Match!

You chose your skin tone, hair color (I'm a bit darker then Heidi, but she still comes up as my match) and whether your eyes are dark or light. You'll be matched to a celeb with a similar look! You can then view products and tips that they use for different looks, Heidi has the options of a Day Look, Sexy Look or a Glam Look! I'm already wondering about that Victoria's Secret Sparkling Eye Liner and whether I should pick one up next time that I'm at the mall....

Celeb Makeup Match!


geekybeauty said...

In Style has to be one of my fave fashion mags. I'll have to check out their site for my makeup match.

Anonymous said...

omg, I am so surprised that this actually worked! I am East Indian, and every single time I get these "colormatch" options, I always get African-American actresses. While we both have similar skintones, the undertones are completely different, as are our different features. I finally got an East Indian actress with my skintone! Thanks so much for finding this!

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