What do you want to know about Eye Creams?

So, I have been planning a series on eye creams for months. I have a large number of them sitting here waiting to be written up for their reviews, but have been distracted by other products. As I prepare to write them up I want to know what you want me to write about.

Do you want to know what the cream feels like, smells like, etc? (Too bad if you don't, I'm gonna mention that anyways)

Do you want the in-depth analysis of the ingredients and what they all do?

Do you want pictures of before and after? I used each product for 2 weeks, but I didn't take pictures. Personally, I have no wrinkles, so I can't comment on the effects on wrinkles. But, I can talk about plumping, bags under the eyes, etc. I didn't take pictures, but I can start all over and take pictures, before and after 2 weeks of use for each product. It will take much longer to get the posts out then, but if enough readers want pictures I'll do it. Or, I could just do that with new eye creams that come in for review for now on (such at the Prevage and Intervene that arrived a few days ago). Up to everyone here!


  1. I love when you go through ingredients -- it is SO difficult to find out what ingredients do, and by nature, I think you know more about them and get through the mumbo jumbo and make it easy enough for us normal addicts to understand.

    My favorite part about your blog is that scientific side that isn't on most other blogs.

  2. Thanks Christine! We missed you this weekend, I hope that things up there in Nor Cal are going well!

  3. I have break out prone skin, and I'm always hesitant to invest in a cream that I'd have to stop using because of clogged pores. If you could include info about ingredients and how comogenic the cream is that would be fantastic.

  4. My HOT question with eye creams is always this: will the product cause clogged pores/ whiteheads? I find that a lot of eye creams, if I use them faithfully, cause little whiteheads in the eye area. These are not terribly noticeable, but they are annoying. By whitehead I mean truly just the little whitehead/ clogged pore (no swelling, irritation, etc.)

    Sometimes, some creams do actually casuse pimples right at first, although I notice that this effect subsides after an initial adjustment period. Still-- who wants a pimple on your eyebrow?

    Anyway-- those would be key questions for me.


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