Want "To Die For" Lashes? Check Out the Artemis Heated Eyelash Curler!

heated-eyelash-curlerI feel naked without mascara. Really, I don't leave the house without mascara on, and that is never applied without first curling my lashes. Over the years I have had a lot of eyelash curlers, most recently my favorite has been my Billy B curler (I have yet to try out the famed Shu curler, that's probably next).

But, with most manual eyelash curlers you need to be very careful. Why? Because in the quest for a great curl that lasts, many girls end up with lashes that are suddenly very vertical. Really. Have you seen this? It looks crazy and is not at all attractive. I've tried to avoid this look (as well as an equally horrifying look, when the lashes are full of right angles from bends rather than curls).

One great way to avoid this look but still create a curled lash that lasts is with the addition of heat. I've definitely used the pro trick of heating up my curler with my blow dryer, but I've also made the not-so-pro mistake of burning my lid because I was over zealous with the dryer. So, I tried using this heated lash curler, which after years of trial and error I finally threw out last month. Because I could never figure out this "amazingly easy tool" (per the SA that sold it to me).

So, here it is! The heated lash curler easy enough for me to use without burning myself that also creates a great curl!

Really, it is not much different than your usual curler. You turn it on and about 60 seconds later once the pads have turned white it is ready to use. It works just like your normal curler, except that I do find the curl to be a bit more of a curl rather than a bend in the lash (which is a good thing!). The unit is not hot and it is basically impossible to burn yourself, which is good news for accident-prone me. It is a bit bulky though, so while I had problems reaching my outer lashes at first, after a few days I was a pro at getting all of my lashes in the curler.

Gently curled lashes that last all day? Without burning my eyelid? This is a tool that I love!

Artemis Woman Heated Lash Curler

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  1. I agree- I had a terrible time with the Sephora heated curler- and felt like it ate batteries to boot!


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