The Turbolon Croc, The New "It" Flat Iron?

I've been having a few "good hair" weeks in a row now. Why? I think there are a few reasons. I've been testing out some new shampoo and conditioner from Ecru, I got a hair cut (at the end of the two weeks, I stretched my color time again to have it look fresh at the Total Beauty Summit) but the main reason is my new flat iron!

My new iron is the Turbolon Croc Wet to Dry Flat Iron, which I picked because I liked the idea of so much control over the temperature, the fast heat up time and I have to admit the idea of styling still damp hair really appealed to me! This truly is a great iron. The plates are ceramic (really, ceramic flat irons are less damaging for your hair, no excuses for plain metal!), the controls are digital and allow me to really have great control. I have mine set to 380, I turned it down to prevent damage but it is definitely hot enough to work great! It heats up in just a few minutes, really helping to speed up my morning routine.

Last week I went to get my highlights and a trim. I finally "outed" myself as a beauty blogger to Shannon, my amazing stylist and colorist. Really, she is fantastic! I told her about my new flat iron, and before I could even mention the name she said "did you get a Croc?" It turns out that pretty much all of the stylists in her salon have been replacing their flat irons with Crocs. Chis and Superstars are being thrown out while Crocs are infiltrating the whole salon! They have started selling them to customers and they are hardly able to keep them in stock!

A quick note about the "wet to dry" styling feature. The main reason stylists tell you to not flat iron your hair when it is damp is obviously water. As the water turns to steam it can really damage your hair. This iron has vents to allow the steam to escape, in theory helping to prevent damage. I asked Shannon her opinion and she would not style damp hair with a flat iron, but she said that some stylists would disagree with her. It's up to you. Personally, I have not yet styled my hair while it is still damp. I'm a bit afraid of anything that the steam could do to my hair. However, I'm not quite as OCD about having every strand 100% dry before using the iron.

My iron came from Misikko, which has great customer service and fantastic prices. I have a feeling that if flat iron trends in Southern California are any indication, you'll be hearing a lot more about Crocs, and this time it will be flat irons instead of ugly shoes!


  1. I got a wet-to-dry flat iron and set it to 385 and used it on slightly damp hair. I somewhat liked the results, but then I noticed the next day my hair felt dry. As the week went on, the ends of my hair started breaking and when I googled around, i read something about the flat iron making the water in your hair boil out and how you should not use this feature because it is damaging. I also get my hair highlighted, so the last thing I need is a loss of moisture like that. So, I would not reccomend that you use the iron on wet hair since you also color your hair. I ended up getting an inch and a half cut off just from one use of this feature :v(

  2. You're right! That's what I'm afraid of. While the iron does allow the steam from outside the hair to escape, the water that is underneath the cuticle of the hair converts to steam (boils) and the pressure of that is what damages the hair. Exactly what shannon and I were afraid of.

  3. I have this iron! I LOVE it! And when I had a Chi, it made me feel bad for spending so much money on it, it didn't look any better than the ones sold at Walmart for $20. The Croc just feels and looks like it is worth the amount it costs. The digital display is so cool and the shape makes so much sense!

  4. Hello! Have you noticed any damage from this flat iron compared to others? I've owned a Chi, FHI, HAI, etc. and they all damaged my hair at one point. So I'm researching this one thoroughly before buying. Thank you!

  5. I love this. will try once for sure.
    Want to know also, i have been looking for such a good hair tool.


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