Polish Tip: Easy Polish Removal

Have you ever had a lot of difficulty removing a polish from your nails? Did you notice that a glitter polish takes about half an hour to remove from your nails? I learned this tip from the girls over at MUA’s Nail Board and just had to share it with you!

Pictured above are my nail removal tools. I love the polish remover pots from Cutex, you can easily swirl your fingers around in the enclosed sponge to remove your polish. For every day removal they work great! They even come in “glitter” versions, which have a slightly more robust sponge.

For difficult to remove polish I resort to felt and Acetone. A piece of crafting felt can be easily cut into smaller squares, I like about 3 inches by 4 inches to remove polish from 10 fingers. Use with a bit of acetone and you’ll find that you can remove almost anything! The felt is much better at removing any polish than a cotton pad, and when you can get 6 pieces out of a 20 cent piece of felt you’ll realize that this is also a much cheaper option.


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